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Taking Care of The Whole You

Whether they need help removing a splinter, treating a bee sting, a listening ear, or a quiet space to relax, the Health Center is a place of safety and comfort our students can rely on.


Bancroft School recognizes the variety of personal, emotional, and social concerns that confront students. With a commitment to the development of the whole person, supportive counseling services are available to address these issues that impact emotional health.

Supported by a wellness philosophy, proactive problem-solving is provided in a compassionate, caring environment.

These services are available to all students Pre-K through Grade 12. The Wellness Coordinator works both privately with students and with families to address interpersonal conflicts, stress and anxiety, the challenges of adolescence, and conflict resolution. The Coordinator's solution-focused, mind-body approach helps students maintain the physical and emotional balance necessary to succeed in school.

Wellness Initiatives

Stress Management for Students

Bancroft’s wellness coordinator is trained in the Relaxation Response (RR)  through the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine Education Initiative.

RR is a research-validated program that helps teachers and students manage daily stress and positively impacts health.

Using the same method practiced by the Boston Red Sox, RR incorporates simple breathing and cognitive behavioral techniques to aid focus and concentration. Practicing RR has been shown to improve academic performance, work habits, memory, self-esteem, and stress.

Outdoor Recess

Bancroft’s health and wellness philosophy extends beyond the Health Center and the classroom. Children from Pre-K through Grade 5 have ample recess and play time throughout the day, all year long. Playing and sledding in the snow is especially a favorite winter recess activity. At Bancroft, you're never too old to play and children in Grades 6-12 are often found playing outside—swinging on the swings, playing frisbee, touch football, etc. As the weather allows, teachers often bring their classrooms outside as well.

In the school garden, students learn first-hand about growing nutritious vegetables. The cafeteria includes a salad bar and fresh yogurt, and the Bancroft chef works with parents to plan menus around students’ dietary restrictions. Fresh fruits are available at several campus locations, ensuring that students choose healthy snacks throughout the day.

Parent Connections

The Health Center offers support as students transition through Bancroft—from arriving as new students to the pressures of AP courses and college prep—and provides parents with skills to remain emotionally close to their children as they mature.

Health Center staff works closely with students’ families, keeping them informed of their children’s health and hosting Parent Connections, an informal group that meets on campus to discuss topics from mindfulness and eating disorders to ADD and nature deficit disorder.

The Wellness Team

Janice Morello, RN

Director of Health Services & School Nurse

Carol Botty LMHC / CAGS

School Counselor


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