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Welcome to our learning laboratory

Bancroft School is a workshop constantly in motion—an open and inclusive campus that inspires learners to engage with one another, their communities, and the world in meaningful and impactful ways. We are a laboratory that motivates curious minds to form the insights, skills, and character they’ll need to thrive far beyond their journey here.

Early Learning & Lower School

It’s a time of self-discovery, curiosity, imagination, and cultivating kindness. Lower School students learn one-on-one with faculty or in small cohorts, with lessons tailored to individual learning styles, levels of mastery, and interests.


The Middle School years are about acquiring new academic responsibilities, building confidence, and cultivating leadership skills that foster self-respect—and respect for others.

Upper School

Our liberal arts curriculum—combined with countless opportunities for scholarly, athletic, artistic, social, workplace, and global engagement—gives students the broad education they need to succeed in the world’s top colleges and beyond.

The Speech Goes On

When it comes to Bancroft’s Speech & Debate Team (more fondly referred to as The Speechies), little can get in the way of presenting their hard work — not even a global pandemic. 

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Summer is better at Bancroft. Shoot some hoops. Sharpen your math skills. Take up the violin.

What are you doing this summer? Bancroft offers a wide range of enrichment programs throughout the summer to help students of all ages discover new interests, sharpen skills, and meet new friends.

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