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Hope Graham Program

The Hope Graham Program at Bancroft School serves students in grades 2-8 with average to advanced cognitive abilities who present with diagnosed language-based learning differences. These may include difficulty with reading, writing, listening, expressive language, and executive functioning skills. HGP is a program that provides students with the tools and support to be able to take advantage of a Bancroft School education in a fully inclusive environment. 

Questions about the Hope Graham Program? Get in touch with our Admissions Team via email us at or call 508-462-9401. For more information about the program, we encourage you to submit an inquiry below.

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The HGP Difference: Why choose our program?

  • HGP students are integrated into every facet of Bancroft across all grade levels, including classes, projects, clubs, music & drama programs, robotics and technology, after-school activities, and athletics allowing them hands-on learning and daily opportunities for collaboration with non-HGP peers

  • Grade level cohorts are no more than eight students each, allowing for individualized instruction that supports students' needs while highlighting their strengths
  • Students receive individualized instruction by expert teachers in decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, reading fluency, writing, and math
  • A systematic, multi-sensory approach to teaching reading based upon the philosophy of Orton-Gillingham
  • Training in the latest assistive technologies, ensuring that HGP students can access content and demonstrate their learning without barriers

Hope Graham Information Sheet

Download our Hope Graham Flyer for a printable PDF version of this information.

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"There is transformative power within our Hope Graham Program. We witness positive changes in everything from academic skills to their sense of self-efficacy and self-advocacy."

- HGP Faculty