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Middle School


Middle School

Middle School Life at Bancroft School in Worcester, MA

Leaders. Critical Thinkers. Changemakers.

Bancroft School is Worcester, MA’s premier independent college preparatory day school for lower, middle, and upper school students from 63 different towns and cities in Massachusetts. At Bancroft, the journey of educational excellence begins early with enriching academic and extracurricular middle school programs. Middle School may only span three years of the Bancroft experience, yet it marks a pivotal time in the intellectual, emotional, and social development of curious learners. 

Through both individual and group projects, middle school students learn essential skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, leadership, and presentation skills, while developing an understanding of their independence and a mutual respect for others. Our middle school program helps to build confidence in a supportive, nurturing, and diverse learning environment. 

Empowering You to Own Your Learning

How do middle school students at Bancroft own their learning? By building confidence in themselves and others – and sharpening their leadership skills by taking on greater academic responsibilities and challenges. At the same time, students experience an inclusive and collaborative environment where they receive as much guidance and encouragement from peers as they do from our faculty. We foster growth, help them develop a deeper academic and personal identity, and prepare them for success in high school, college, and beyond. 

Guiding the Next Generation Into the Future

Our curriculum at Bancroft is carefully curated to balance academic rigor and supportive mentorship. We focus on core subjects such as math, science, history, and a world language while incorporating the arts and involvement in student organizations. Middle school courses at Bancroft are structured to stimulate intellectual curiosity, inspire a love for learning, and lay the groundwork for a strong academic future. 

  • Learning the Language and Culture – What's better than learning a foreign language? Learning three! The Phenomenon of Language course introduces sixth graders to the grammar and cultures of Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.
  • Science Comes Alive – At the annual Middle School Science Fair, students showcase their independent study findings on a topic of their choice. The audience? Fellow classmates, teachers, parents, and the entire community. Having an authentic audience and engaging in discussion and reflection is an important part of all Middle School's Learning Laboratory curriculum.
  • Advisory Groups – In Grade 6, each student is paired with a Middle School teacher who serves as an advisor. Small advisory groups meet each week to plan a path toward each student’s future. Each grade focuses on a particular topic: "Discover Middle School" (Grade 6), "Challenge Yourself" (Grade 7), and "Lead the Way" (Grade 8).

The Middle School Difference at Bancroft

Bancroft sits on 34 acres of pristine campus space, where students are immersed in a learning laboratory constantly in motion. We empower the next generations to engage with one another, their communities, and the world in meaningful and impactful ways. Our aim is to cultivate not just well-rounded students but future leaders who are ready to navigate the world with confidence and compassion. As students prepare to transition to our Upper School program, they carry with them a foundation of necessary skills and experiences, prepared to take on new academic and personal challenges. 

Bancroft’s world-class educational programs are designed to prepare students for Upper School, their higher education, and beyond. An education at Bancroft is much more than just getting ready for college – we equip curious learners and young, driven individuals with the knowledge needed to attain success in areas of life. Learn more about our Middle School program and start the admission process today. 


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Middle School

Erin Palumbo

Parent '25, '28

We love Bancroft and the teachers are truly the heart of the organization. Thank you for teaching our children, caring about their well-being and being an important part of their life journey!


The Middle School Difference

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