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Banned Books Week September 24 - 30, 2017

Book banning and censorship limit the First Amendment rights of readers, authors, and others in the community.

Below are articles taken from our databases and the web that describe this issue.

Database Articles

"Book Banning" (Gale's Opposing Viewpoints)

"Teens Fight for the Right to Read, Write, and Speak" (General OneFile)

Web Articles

"The Banned Books Your Child Should Read" (New York Times)

"How Banning Books Marginalizes Children"(The Atlantic)

"The Not So Horrible Consequences of Reading Banned Books" (Pacific Standard)

"Which Country Reads the Most: A Guide to Global Reading Habits (Infographic)" (Global English Editing)

"Why Your Kid Should Read Banned Books" (common sense media)


Here are some resources to help you understand your rights as a reader, to address a book challenge, and to explore reading lists of commonly challenged books:

Library Bill of Rights (American Library Association)

The Kids' Right to Read Toolkit (National Coalition Against Censorship)

How to Respond to Challenges and Concerns About Library Resources (American Library Association)

Challenge vs. Banning of Books (American Library Association)


12 Challenged & Banned YA Graphic Novels..." (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - 2015)

Banned and Challenged Classics (American Library Association)

Banned and Challenged Picture Books (Edmonton Public Library)

Frequently Challenged Children's Books (American Library Association)

Top Ten Most Challenged Books (American Library Association)

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