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Upper School Music








Classes and Performing Ensembles

Music Theory

The Upper School Music Theory course, a half-year course, is for students who have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of music notation. Students who are most likely to benefit are those currently studying an instrument. The class will cover basic musical theory, aural and visual interval and chord identification, and the harmonic construction of music. Students will also learn the basics of the overarching formal structures of music. This class may include a required trip to a classical music concert.

Music History

The Upper School Music History course meets for one half of the year. Students will learn about the variety and development of Western Art Music and the historical developments of Jazz and Rock & Roll. As the class explores stylistic and technical developments in music, students will begin to link what they are hearing to knowledge about the development of Western and World Cultures. This class may include a required trip to a classical music concert.

Jazz Band

The Upper School Jazz Band plays Big Band-style music and small combo charts from the standards of the jazz world. Emphasis is on reading, playing in appropriate styles, and improvisation. They perform two concerts each year, and are occasionally invited to play at other functions.


Like the instrumental groups at Bancroft, Upper School Chorus is both a class and a performing ensemble. While some members are two- or even three- year veterans, inexperienced singers, male and female, are equally welcome. We meet three days out of six to sing popular as well as classical repertoire. A portion of each class is devoted to developing range, vocal power and control, and a modest amount of music theory supports our effective music reading (especially use of the so-fa system).

String Orchestra

This group is open to string players with previous ensemble experience. The group performs music from a variety of genres, including classical, folk, pop, and jazz. The course meets as a half class elective and performs at the two Upper School Concerts and occasional assemblies in other divisions.

Chamber Music

This group is open to students with a high level of skill development on a string instrument or piano, with previous ensemble experience. The focus is on developing ensemble skills with a selection of challenging music from the classical chamber music literature with the goal of public performances on and off-campus.

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