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Lower School Drama

Bancroft’s Lower School Drama program builds a foundation of lifetime skills. As stage skills grow, students learn self-confidence, social skills, and ways to communicate with an audience. Together, we see that there are many good answers to creative challenges.

In Drama classes, students experience success while they are active and involved. We use theater games, skits, and improvisation along with puppets, props, and costumes. Every class involves some collaboration and some performance time before classmates. Photo: 5th Grade Play: Space Pirates, May 2017.

Classes and Performances

First Grade

  • Play drama games to develop a supportive atmosphere, quick thinking, and attention skills.
  • Learn a drama vocabulary of words, sounds, and movements.
  • Participate at their own level in planning and performing puppet shows in groups of two or three.
  • Develop ease in speaking before the group in brief, student-made skits.
  • Give good attention to classmates’ performances.

Second Grade

  • Play various drama games to increase social awareness and habits of kindness.
  • Use felt pieces for story building to tell a story in small groups.
  • Bring their puppet made in Art classes to Drama for student-planned performances.
  • Grow more aware of story lines in improvisation.
  • Use a variety of stage props.
  • Continue to build courage, confidence, and stage skills.

Third Grade

  • Prepare to perform a simple play in French.
  • Expand improvisation skills for sound, movement, and interactions.
  • Create skits that can continue from one class to the next.
  • Practice a wide vocabulary of pantomime communication.
  • Experience Drama classes on the theater stage and learn to increase spoken volume for an audience.
  • Strengthen the ability to concentrate despite supplied distractions.
  • Learn ways to include humor with emotional intensity.
  • Begin using simple quotations from Shakespeare in skits.


Fourth Grade

  • Prepare to perform more intricate musical plays in French for audiences of younger students.
  • Become familiar with quotations from Shakespeare plays that are part of Central Subject work in the classroom. Use the quotations in skits.
  • Learn to project voices loudly enough to fill our school theater.
  • Expand skills for pantomime, improvisation, concentration, and spatial sense.
  • Continue using games and skits to build courage, confidence, and stage skills.

Fifth Grade

  • Use games and skits to foster courage, confidence, and group project skills.
  • Include new and returning Fifth Graders equally in Drama projects that help bond the group before their play begins rehearsals.
  • Focus intently on stage skills such as projection, enunciation, movement awareness, and spatial sense.
  • Audition and rehearse the Fifth Grade Play.
  • Put on three performances of their play. All Fifth Graders have speaking parts, costumes, and are a vital part in the production.
  • Our goals are fun, group project work, and pride at the end.


Lower School theater experience is a strong part of Bancroft’s social curriculum. While students learn individual drama skills and awareness, we build a supportive atmosphere and habits of kindness. Drama class teaches multiple ways to express feelings safely. Students strengthen their self-control while they learn to recognize classmates’ feelings. As children develop greater empathy, they grow more able to act varied feelings on stage.

The Lower School Drama program features three performances of the Fifth Grade Play, in which all Fifth Graders have speaking parts and are a vital part of the production. Drama and Music classes combine to prepare students for large audiences, true teamwork, fun, and pride in this culminating Lower School Drama event.

5th Grade Play: Space Pirates, May 2017

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