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Letter from the Head of School

March 3, 2017

Dear Bancroft Friends,

Earlier this week, having just made the announcement about Lisa Baker, our next Upper School division head, I was feeling very good about the Bancroft community as I left for Baltimore to attend the NAIS Annual Conference. At the conference, as I met with administrators from independent schools around the country and the world, and heard about the work they are doing in education, I felt an even greater sense of pride. It confirmed for me that Bancroft is part of the larger architecture of independent education, but we’re also unique. We’re special. And we are leaders in the educational environment.

On the same trip, I had two delightful opportunities to have dinner with independent school alumni. I spent one evening with alums from my former school, Glenelg in Maryland, and the next with Bancroft alumni from the Baltimore/DC area. They attended different schools, but they all shared a common enthusiasm about the experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have had, the deep relationships they built, and the work they did as students at independent schools.

Communities like ours help to build skills and confidence. Being surrounded by people who are committed to helping you grow is a powerful thing. Each Bancroft alum talked about how the School allowed them to pursue things that were deeply important to them, while still providing the foundational experiences that they would need in the future. 

The work we do with students every day, in the moment, is important. It’s not all just prep for college. Kindergarten is kindergarten. Twelfth grade is twelfth grade. Every stage is a distinct experience that has value today. Our faculty, our programs, and our schedule all support students in doing, creating, and learning things that matter to them now. 

Alumni voices are so important to help remind us why we do what we do. The communities we build for them matter to them. They can get together years later, with other alumni of all ages, and they all have a common bond of having been a part of this school.

We are fortunate to be part of the larger architecture of independent education. And we are even more fortunate that the independent school we share is Bancroft. 

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Trey Cassidy
Head of School

Posted by in Head of School, Alumni on Friday March, 3, 2017


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