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Global Travel Experiences

Among the beliefs that frame the Global Studies program at Bancroft are a commitment to the idea that substantial learning takes place when we step outside of our familiar environments, and that exposure to cultural differences builds empathy and understanding of diversity. Our travel experiences contribute to these goals, offering students unique opportunities to become immersed in different cultures, strengthen their language skills, visit sites of historical and cultural importance, and make connections in other parts of the country and the world.

2019 Travel Programs

March 2019 • GREECE: Mythology & Antiquity

This travel program focuses on a study of ancient Greek culture, history, and mythology.  While this trip might seem most relevant to Latin students, it is highly accessible to all because of its emphasis through various field trips on Greece as the cradle of western civilization. 

Trip Leaders: Mrs. Fuller and Ms. Silverman

March 2019 • LIBERIA: The Witness Experience

This travel experience builds on our relationship with Q Karmue ’01 and his Save More Kids organization. A combination of historical field trips, service projects, and cultural exploration, the program mixes past, present, and future and is designed to accompany Q’s autobiography, Witness.

Trip Leader: Mr. Collet


March 2019 • ROME & POMPEII: Latin Culture & History

This Middle School travel program builds on our appreciation of Latin culture by focusing on the two main destinations of Rome and Pompeii. Highlights include classic sites of antiquity and history as well as developing an appreciation for the dynamic global destination that is the capital city.

Trip Leader: Ms. Lessard

June 2019 • BERMUDA: Marine & Island Ecology

This course will introduce students to the marine and terrestrial environments of Bermuda through a study of the geologic and natural history of the Islands with emphasis on the marine habitats. Daily field work will include snorkeling at different sites as well as exploration of unique natural environments. Photo by Penh Alicandro.

Trip Leader: Mrs. Pearson (this experience will be run as a course for US science credit.)

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Mr. Taylor at mtaylor@bancroftschool.org.

Recent Travel Experiences

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living in Iceland
Cultural & Linguistic Exploration of Quebec
Cultural Exploration in Costa Rica
Cultural Immersion and Service Learning in China
Language and Culture in Andalusia, Spain
Roman Architecture and History in England
French Language and Culture in Paris & Brittany
Global Art in New York City
Bermuda Marine and Island Ecology
Latin Culture in Rome and Pompeii
Field Research and Cultural Exchange in the Galapagos 
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