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Middle School Musings by Trevor O’Driscoll, Bancroft's Head of Middle School

Most weeks, MS Head Trevor O’Driscoll writes a short note to parents and faculty about middle school, education, parenting, and other topics relevant to our community. We share these Middle School Musings here for the benefit and enjoyment of all who are interested. Read recent entries, browse the archives, and delight in Mr. O’Driscoll’s take on our Middle School and the amazing people who inhabit it.



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Guest Post: Sra. Stephenson Reflects on Lessons Learned

Spanish teacher Jody Stephenson reflects on lessons she learned from her 6th and 7th grade students during their community service afternoon at an eldercare residence:

My students inspire me to take risks every day. Each time I witness them share an insightful idea, lend a hand to someone who is struggling, come out of their comfort zone to speak or perform at assembly, or sit with a new classmate at lunch, I am amazed by their courage, creativity, curiosity, and compassion. My recent community service outing to Summit eldercare reaffirmed this.

Although I have participated in Bancroft Community Service afternoons on more than thirty occasions, I, unlike many of the students in my group, had never before volunteered at an eldercare facility, and I was unsure of what to expect from the experience and what we would be asked to do. The activities coordinator greeted us enthusiastically and led us to a room with the Alzheimer's patients we'd be visiting and working with. She explained that we would first play some games with them to strengthen their motor skills and then help them work on artistic and creative projects.

Out of my own comfort zone, I was admittedly hesitant to initiate conversation with the residents. But my small group of Bancroft sixth and seventh graders dove right in, introducing themselves warmly and leading their particular part of the game confidently. One student, who had been there last year, walked straight over to a patient, saying that he remembered meeting and playing with her last year. Another encouraged a shy woman to play a round of ring toss with her, cheering her on, while another sat right down with a woman and immediately engaged in conversation about family. Following their lead, I began to circulate amongst the crowd, emboldened by my students' ease and comfort in this unfamiliar territory.

During the next two hours, I observed examples that demonstrated qualities inherent to our Bancroft Middle School community:

  • I saw compassion and inclusivity as students coaxed some of the quieter patients into conversations.
  • I saw creativity and resourcefulness as a student quickly thought of different ways to approach a situation that was becoming challenging.
  • I saw playfulness and humor as students laughed while enjoying the good-natured teasing of one of the patients.

Above all, though, each interaction was filled with kindness and compassion, from a Bancroft student sitting attentively and patiently with an elderly woman who became emotional as she sifted through old photos, to another student who several times reassured an anxious patient that she was getting picked up and going home at the end of the day.

Though I was moved by witnessing all these qualities, I was not surprised. I have come to expect nothing less from these exceptional students, and I am always learning from them. These students led me, by their own examples, to take risks and connect with a population that had so much love, wisdom, and humor to share.

For this and for the students I am grateful. 

Posted by in Goodness, Kindness on Monday November, 20, 2017 at 09:20AM

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