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Middle School Musings by Trevor O’Driscoll, Bancroft's Head of Middle School

Most weeks, MS Head Trevor O’Driscoll writes a short note to parents and faculty about middle school, education, parenting, and other topics relevant to our community. We share these Middle School Musings here for the benefit and enjoyment of all who are interested. Read recent entries, browse the archives, and delight in Mr. O’Driscoll’s take on our Middle School and the amazing people who inhabit it.



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Not-So-Mini Miracles

Yesterday I received several notes from adults who accompanied our students out into the world during our community service afternoon. Seventh grade teacher Kendra McCuine passed on some thoughts and memorable moments from her students’ visit to an eldercare facility: 

“I'm so in awe of how fantastic our kids are. This could be a very intimidating situation for people their age, and they completely rose to the occasion!”


  • Nate and Chris dancing with two of the ladies there (totally sweet)
  • Talya delighting the folks in the Alzheimer's room with her violin
  • Malea bringing home a picture that one of the folks there colored for her

I am always appreciative of notes like this. As these community service days approach, the logistics can start to override the big picture. It feels like a victory just watching Cheryl Cowley-Hollinger lasso more than a dozen amazing parent-volunteer drivers; marveling at Claire Campbell, who graciously coordinates with our many host agencies; working with Catherine Hanssen to make sure each student gets placed in one of their top choices; seeing nurse Janice Morello quietly swoop in with all the medical info and supplies we need to be healthy; and of course witnessing the tireless faculty who roll up their sleeves, rise to the challenge, step out into the world, and lead by example. Getting 150 people out the door and to the right places is a not-so-mini logistical miracle.

But then, of course, there are the stories of the deeds our kids do in the world, and suddenly I am reminded of the whole point of this work.

The snapshots shared, like the ones from Kendra, show us all why these efforts are so important and special. It’s impressive that so many folks work together to get us to our destinations. It’s more impressive to see what our kids can do for others when provided the opportunity.

Thank you to everyone involved, from the people mentioned above to the moms and dads who perform the daily miracle of getting their kids out the door in the morning. Here’s hoping your children have a wonderful, no-homework break filled with resting, running around, and reading for pleasure.

Posted by in Goodness on Thursday March, 17, 2016 at 05:31PM

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