Worcester’s premier college-preparatory co-ed day school serving students from Central MA and MetroWest, Pre-K–Grade 12

Sexuality Education Statement

We believe parents are and should be the primary sexuality educators of their children.

We believe in a core set of universal values: honesty, mutuality, trust, responsibility, caring, and respect for self and others.

We believe every individual has inherent dignity and self worth.

We believe sexuality education begins in childhood and continues into adulthood; therefore, students’ access to information regarding sexuality is a necessary condition of their healthy development. The School supports the right of students and teachers to discuss all developmentally appropriate content and topics of sexuality.

We believe that knowledge of the diversity of values and beliefs toward sexuality, so long as those values and beliefs respect the inherent dignity and self worth of all people, enriches a community, and promotes understanding and acceptance.

We believe sexuality is a central part of the life of a healthy human being, and individuals express their sexuality in a variety of ways.

We believe all people have both rights and responsibilities to make informed and healthy decisions about sexual behaviors.

To develop people:

  • who are knowledgeable about human development and reproduction,
  • who are respectful of themselves, their families and all persons,
  • who will neither exploit others nor allow themselves to be exploited.

Role of Parents and The School

The Parents’ Role

  • To be the primary sexuality educators of their children.
  • To make clear to their children what they, the parents, think and value.
  • To communicate clearly their desires and expectations for their children.
  • To stay informed of what their children are experiencing in the academic and social realm.

The School’s Role

  • To highlight and reinforce a core set of universal values. (Not to impose particular personal or religious views about controversial sexual issues.)
  • To help students think critically about other values-laden issues and help them, as they mature, to develop the tools for making thoughtful decisions.
  • To create an emotionally-safe environment in which all points of view are expressed in ways that reflect core values, especially the value of respect for others.
  • To teach students how to protect themselves and others against serious health problems.

The ideas listed above are framed on the work by Deborah Roffman, SIECUS Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, O.W.L Program, Fay School Professional Standards, and the Seattle & King County Public Health Program.

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