Worcester’s premier college-preparatory co-ed day school serving students from Central MA and MetroWest, Pre-K–Grade 12

Faculty & Staff

Bancroft's faculty and staff are a talented and diverse group of professionals dedicated to teaching, mentoring, coaching, and supporting Bancroft students.

Bancroft’s exceptional faculty works together to inspire students to discover their talents and passions, and embrace new challenges with vigor and confidence while helping to form a solid foundation for a lifetime of growth and success.

Bancroft's administrators are committed to guiding the mission and vision of the school while ensuring every student receives the quality education they deserve. Bancroft's staff perform myriad of duties to support the mission, the students, their families, faculty, and administrators. At Bancroft, every child and every adult is both a student and a teacher.

Professional Credo
  • We believe in children, their inherent goodness and capacity for growth, their potential as learners, and their promise as creators of a better future.

  • We believe in embodying the School's mission to inculcate children with the same values, sensibilities, practices, and attitudes that define us as life-long learners.

  • We believe in the power of learning and teaching and in the importance of knowledge and academic excellence.

  • We believe in modeling high character, honesty, integrity, and respect.

  • We believe in collaborating as colleagues and in exercising our individual and collective responsibility to create a school characterized by inclusiveness, healthy challenge, and goodness.

  • We believe in exemplifying perspective and balance, compassion, commitment, optimism, patience, reflection, flexibility, good humor, inquisitiveness, and openness to new ideas and possibilities.

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