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Hope Graham Program at Bancroft School

For Students with Language-Based Learning Differences 

Building upon Bancroft's commitment to nurture, respect, and educate diverse learners, the Hope Graham Program (HGP) at Bancroft School is designed for students with diagnosed language-based learning differences (LBLD), such as dyslexia, in Grades 2 through 8.

Researchers have made incredible advances in our understanding of the neurobiological basis of learning diversity in recent years. These advances clearly point to the need for targeted programs that provide appropriate intervention as early as possible. The Hope Graham Program is just that. HGP targets individual needs while nurturing the intellectual curiosity of these bright learners.

Highlights of the Hope Graham Program include:

  • Grade-level cohorts of no more than eight students, allowing for instruction that targets students’ individual needs while highlighting their strengths

  • Small-group and individualized instruction facilitated by expert teachers in decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, reading fluency, writing, and in some cases math

  • A systematic, multi-sensory approach to teaching reading based upon the philosophy of Orton-Gillingham

  • Hands-on learning and frequent opportunities for collaboration with non-HGP peers

  • Training in the latest assistive technologies, ensuring that HGP students can access content and demonstrate their learning without barriers

  • Speech and language services available for students whose learning profiles recommend them

  • An emphasis on building self-advocacy skills and ownership of one’s own learning

  • Access to the richness and depth available to all Bancroft School students, including music and drama programs, robotics and technology classes, after-school clubs, sports teams, opportunities for collaboration across all grade levels, and top-notch facilities

By targeting the child’s individual challenges and bolstering their strengths, the Hope Graham Program seeks to honor each educational journey. We provide a comprehensive, caring curricular and extracurricular program to foster an experience of personal excellence for every child.

For more information, contact the Bancroft Admissions office at 508-854-9227 or e-mail admission@bancroftschool.org 

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