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Grade 8 Science

Introduction to Physical Science

The central theme of the IPS course is the study of matter leading to the development of the atomic model. Students will learn about science through engaging, hands-on experiments that focus on the major concepts discussed in the course.

The class will be conducting many different experiments (probably 10-12 per trimester). Each student will also gain much experience in working with all types of experimental apparatus. This will prepare students for their future work in any science classroom and make them feel comfortable in the science laboratory.

The following is meant to be a brief overview of the topics and chapters covered during the course of the year:

Chapter 1: Volume and Mass

Chapter 2: Conservation of Mass

Chapter 3: Characteristic Properties

Chapter 4: Solubility

Chapter 5: Separation of Mixtures

Chapter 6: Compounds and Elements

Chapter 7: Radioactivity

Chapter 8: The Atomic Model of Matter

Textbook: Introductory Physical Science (IPS), 8th Edition.

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