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Grade 7 Earth Science

This course will investigate the components that make up the dynamic Earth system.  Students will study topics related to the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere in order to better understand the complex interactions that occur between these components. The goal of this course is for students to ultimately recognize that in order to sustain life on Earth, humans must make choices that will maintain the delicate balance that exists between these components. 

The course will cover concepts including but not limited to: plate tectonics, minerals, rocks, weathering, erosion, weather, atmosphere, weather patterns, and water.

Students will investigate these topics through hands-on activities, experiments, discussions, readings, and projects. Lab activities and experiments will develop skills including researching, note-taking, hypothesizing, metric measuring, observing, recording data, organizing data, analyzing data, calculating, graphing, and identifying patterns or trends.  Projects develop all of the previous skills as well as allow students to let their creative juices flow. Students will design and execute an experiment that will be presented during the annual Bancroft Science Fair.  

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