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Grade 7 U.S. History

Interdependence in today’s world is growing at an extraordinary rate. It is imperative that students become increasingly aware of the world around them in order to be equipped, both personally and professionally, for the future.

This year, students will first be introduced to the foundations of democracy. They will learn about the pioneers of democracy in ancient Greece and Rome and how political and philosophical thinkers applied this system to work efficiently in modern times. Topics will include:

  • Declaration of Independence

  • Bill of Rights and Amendments

  • Checks and balances

  • Role of media

  • U.S. Constitution

  • Branches of government

  • Limitations of democracy

  • Electoral process

 Students will apply what they have learned in order to better understand the role of the U.S. in today’s ever-changing world. They will explore the effect that environment has on lifestyle as well as the cultural and political stories found within North America, South America and Europe. Special emphasis will be placed on students thinking creatively and analytically about their roles as global citizens. Topics will include:


  • Geographical features

  • Governments and militaries

  • Strategies for peace

  • Human rights

  • Economies

  • Impact of technology on social reform

  • How to get involved

  • Boundaries

  • Conflict resolution

  • Cultures

  • Environmental issues/ solutions

  • National concerns

  • International relations



Students will learn through extensive use of technology, projects, songs, role-plays, debates, and artwork. They will strengthen their abilities and skills through:

  • Reading

  • Journal, paragraph, and essay/paper writing

  • Researching

  • Debating

  • Note-taking

  • Group work

  • Studying and test taking

  • Thinking!!!!!


Trimester grades will include evaluation of the following:

  • Homework

  • Participation

  • Group work

  • Current event assignments

  • Projects

  • Tests and quizzes

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