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Grade 6 History

Worcester-Based U.S. History (WBUS)

Welcome to Worcester-based US history! Believe it or not, Worcester was at the forefront of many of the great events and trends of American History. The Industrial Revolution began along the banks of the Blackstone River. The first National Women’s Right’s Convention met in Brinley Hall on Main Street. Famous abolitionists, including Frederick Douglass, spoke here knowing that the ears of the nation were listening. A flood of immigrants helped to change and shape Worcester into the city it is today. With so much history and so many resources to draw upon, the goal of Worcester-based United States History is to use the more familiar landscape of Worcester to instruct students in U.S. History.

Finally, The Blackstone Valley Exposition is (BVE) is a group project that combines all subject areas with a focus on the environmental, cultural and historical aspects of the Blackstone River Valley. Students research their topic, interview an expert, write a speech about their topic, create a Keynote presentation, and present their speech orally during the BVE night. It is our hope that by developing the student’s sense of place, they will gain depth and personal understanding of their community that will cultivate a lifelong love of learning and deeper understanding of the world in a larger context.

Essential Questions:

  1. What impact did Worcester have on American History?
  2. How does the history of Worcester mirror the History of America?
  3. What events have made Worcester into the city it is today?
  4. How does the past affect my present? Why should I care?
  5. What are my responsibilities as a citizen of Worcester and the United States?


Understand sequence
Analyze cause and effect
Distinguish fact and opinion
Write main idea and supporting details
Support facts and opinions with detail
Solve problems
Think critically
Identify main ideas, details
Formulate questions
Compare maps
Computer literacy
Research strategies
Oral presentation

Activities/Field Work

Exploring our backyard gives us insight to our past and present. Field work include:

Riverbend Farm, Uxbridge

Captain Wilbur Kelley House, Lincoln, RI

Antiquarian Society

Worcester Art Museum

Lowell Mills

Museum of Work and Culture

St. Anne’s Cultural Center

Slater Mill

Elm Park

Polar Bottling Company

Course Materials

Joy Hakim’s History of Us

Scott Foresman’s The United States

Rand McNally’s Classroom Atlas

Jr. Scholastic

Selections from Preservation Worcester, Lowell National Historic Park, Karen Board Moran’s; Windows of the Past, Reflections of the First Women’s Rights Convention, National Park Website, Once Told Tales of Worcester County by Albert Southwick

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