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Phenomenon of Language (POL)

Introduction to Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish

Phenomenon of Language introduces students to Latin, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. POL has three exciting focal points. First, students learn how different cultures use language. Second, students investigate the grammar structures of foreign languages. Third, students learn about themselves: how do they learn best? 

Students rotate to each language experience for a third of the school year, expertly taught by the 7th grade teacher of that language. Teachers help students with metacognition such as the best practices for acquiring vocabulary, correct pronunciation, and even basic study skills.

Teaching foreign languages is a passion at Bancroft Middle School. By exposing students to the wealth of multicultural diversity and content in the 6th grade, the foreign language team energizes, inspires, and promotes the best of all possible outcomes:  namely, middle school students learn to love the world around them.

Each language is taught with an eye to excellence in pedagogy, technology, and inclusion. As the year progresses, students learn just as much about themselves as a learner as they do the rudiments of four languages. In the spring, families help their child choose one language to pursue for the next two years. Students can continue or switch languages again in the 9th grade.

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