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Middle School Art

The Art program in the Middle School offers a variety of projects that encourage the middle school student to make choices and experiment with varied media and two and three -dimensional art works.

Students in grades 6 and 7 have visual art in a quarter based rotation system. This schedule allows students with a daily visit for section of the quarter year to the art room and a continuous flow of ideas and creative work output.  Students in grades 8 have visual arts in elective classes. They begin their trimester work with a class play involving all students in varied creative expression of visual, musical, and theater arts. The second and third trimester offer students choices of mini- courses to further explore their interests in varied arts media. Classes for visual arts have included: watercolor, drawing, design/art relationships, bookmaking, pastel illustration, art history projects, and more. As with all of the art classes here, we create an environment where art-making is fun, self-expression is encouraged, and the basic elements of art are taught in a non-judgmental way.

Western and Non-Western Art History is incorporated into their projects to encourage more appreciation for the arts and fuller comprehension for the use of art vocabulary in life-long education.When scheduling time allows, trips to the Worcester Art Museum, and Boston's Museum of Fine Arts support the curriculum.

In late spring the middle school has an art show where parents, family, and friends are invited to come and support our middle school artists.

Grade 6 Art

Length of instructional time / weekly: One 90 minute and four 45 minute classes per rotation

Length of Course: 1 quarter of the year

Objectives of the course:
To develop skills in creative and analytical thinking and to develop fine motor skills in the following areas: 2 & 3-D design, graphics, color, and drawing. Students will be encouraged to develop an appreciation of art and it’s history and interdisciplinary nature.

Units covered:

• Logo and business idea designs
• Fine art / commercial art

• Historical content/ prints from varied countries/artists.
• Development of ideas/sketches/relief vs engraving
• Final linocut creation/ink application/signing&numbering

• Pointillism/ studies of shape and color mixing
• Still life drawing using pastels
• Pastel drawing

• Drawings of buildings using pencils, t-square rulers and other architectural tools

• History of varied cultures of mask making - non-western
• Mask construction using plaster and assorted materials
• Introduction to abstract sculpture

• mathematics/science/history/geography connections

Picture - Paper Mosaic: Ryan Burns & Josh Erban '11

Grade 7 Art

Length of instructional time/weekly: one 90 minute and four 45 min. classes

Length of Course: 1 quarter of year

Objectives of the Course: To develop skills in creative and analytical thinking and to develop fine motor skills in the following areas: 2D and 3D design, painting, color and drawing. To develop an appreciation of art and it's history and the interdisciplinary nature of the medium.

Units Covered:

3D Sculpture Units: Pop art and Ceramic clay vessels

  • Lecture on famous pop artists of the 20th Century (art history & appreciation)
  • Discussing and planning project
  • Discussion of sculptural armatures
  • Refine and complete piece (3D design, 3D manipulation, crafts, color, problem solving)
  • Ceramics tutorial
  • Define project/thumbnail sketches
  • Create ceramics using varied methods/fire/glaze to completion

2D Units: Pen & Ink illustration, Oil Pastel drawing/painting

  • Develop understanding of ideas about Western/Non-Western art (creativity, drawing)
  • Lecture on the origins of styles and creative process
  • Make B&W pen & ink landscapes(art history & appreciation, creativity, drawing, pen, brush and ink usage)
  • Make pastel drawing/paintings (design, text design, composition, color)
  • Drawing lessons: contour drawing (contour shapes, line quality)
  • Painting lesson (varied media)

Grade 8 Arts Electives

Objectives of the course:

To develop skills in creative and analytical thinking and to develop fine motor skills in the following areas: 2 & 3 D design, mixed media, color and drawing. To develop an appreciation of art, history, and theater as well as explore connections between the performing and visual arts.

During the first part of this course, students will collaborate together in preparation for the 8th grade play. The art department will work on the billboards, photos, flyers, and any other props needed.

After the play, students will have an opportunity to participate in different electives. Each year, different classes will be offered.
Examples of some the classes that have been offered are:

  • CLAY

Curricular Interconnections:

The 8th grade play provides strong interconnections between the performing and visual arts. The content of the play usually relates to English, language or humanities studies.

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