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Library Research Guidelines

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1. Planning for Topic Selection

  • Write what you know about the topic
  • Brainstorm and list key words
  • Locate and read a source that presents a topic overview to help build background knowledge
  • List research questions: What do you want to learn?
  • Create preliminary outline, concept map, or graphic organizer
  • State preliminary topic, statement of purpose, thesis statement, or hypothesis
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2. Discovering & Gathering Resources & Information

  • Identify, gather, and evaluate sources to support your research
  • Prepare Annotated Bibliography
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3. Reading & Taking Notes

  • Read
  • Take notes
  • List facts, paraphrase, and quote
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4. Organizing & Refining

  • Organize notes based on outline, concept map or graphic organizer
  • Refine preliminary topic, statement of purpose, thesis statement or hypothesis

5. Synthesizing

  • Write rough draft
  • Revise, edit, peer edit for final draft or product
  • Evaluate projects through rubric or project requirements
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6. Presenting & Evaluating

  • Present, display, or publish
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