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Bancroft iPad Program

Students using iPads in PreCalculus As part of our commitment to embrace 21st century technology for education, Bancroft School was the first private school in the region to adopt the iPad as our 1:1 technology tool for teaching and learning.

Every teacher at Bancroft School, as well as every student in Grades 6 through 12 has an iPad. The portable device allows instant access to textbooks and apps from any location and brings learning alive with images, videos, sound files, and primary source materials.

Bancroft’s Technology Department collaborates with teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum – from software that helps math students analyze the trajectory of a basketball to apps that demonstrate digital photography for budding artists.

At Bancroft we guide students in becoming safe and responsible digital citizens. Students from grades 1 through 12 are instructed in online safety, healthy-usage and digital communication etiquette.  Everywhere in our curriculum we strive to inculcate in our students the digital literacy knowledge that will help them make informed decisions about information they find and produce for the Internet. Bancroft School provides ongoing training to students, faculty, and parents throughout the year.

Working in collaboration with the Academic Support faculty we identify the best assistive technologies available to aid students and teachers who may need extra help in using the educational hardware and software necessary for the curriculum.

Best Practices for Using the iPad at Bancroft School

This short checklist of actions that will ensure your success using your iPad at Bancroft School

1.  Use a personal Apple ID for iCloud.

2.  Set iCloud backup on.

3.  Set iCloud backup for Documents & Data on.

4.  Set Find my iPad on.

5.  Store Files in your Google Apps for Education, Google Drive Account.

6.  Set Notability Auto Sync to back up your notes to your Google Drive

7.  Put school apps together on one page of your iPad.

8.  Set up your Bancroft e-mail as an Exchange account. 

9.  Put e-mail and social apps on a separate page from school apps.

10. Use the correct wireless network.  

      • US students:  Bancroft US mobility
      • MS students: Bancroft MS mobility
      • Faculty:  Bancroft Faculty Mobility


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