Worcester’s premier college-preparatory co-ed day school serving students from Central MA and MetroWest, Pre-K–Grade 12

Hope Graham Program Curriculum

Each mind is a gift.

Each mind is unique.

Each mind possesses infinite potential.

The Hope Graham Program at Bancroft School will unlock this potential, allowing each child to learn, thrive, and experience success.

The Hope Graham Program curriculum parallels that of the companion classes in Bancroft’s Lower and Middle Schools, with attention to pace, volume, and complexity. Through a culture of professional conversation and collaboration, teachers exchange ideas, plan and deliver lessons, and provide alternate forms of assessment.

The guiding principles that drive our curriculum and instruction are:

Language-Based Approach

HGP teachers provide a comprehensive multi-sensory approach that integrates reading, writing, spelling, and oral language strategies across the curriculum.

Individual Learning Profile

We honor each child’s unique strengths and challenges and help children to better understand how they learn best. These greater insights into their own learning styles empower children to take charge of their learning and promote self-advocacy in the classroom and beyond.  Lessons are presented in multiple ways to best meet individual needs, and children are often given a choice of how they can best demonstrate their learning.

Executive Function Skills

HGP teachers directly teach and reinforce the executive-functioning skills of planning, organizing, prioritizing, self-monitoring, and flexible thinking. Teachers are intentional in breaking content into manageable chunks, providing students opportunities to see multiple ways of solving problems, monitor their own effort and attention, and develop time management skills.  

Explicit and Direct Instruction

Hope Graham Program teachers often straddle the line between directly instructing students in targeted content and skills and allowing students to construct their own understanding through guided exploration and discovery.  This approach enables us to teach students in a way that is both highly effective and meaningful to each student.  Teachers often guide students through a gradual release of responsibility, first activating prior knowledge, then providing modeling, guided practice, a check for understanding, and independent practice.  

Concrete to Abstract

Whenever possible, we introduce new concepts through hands-on, experiential learning that connects new material to what students already know. We are intentional in our progressions from concrete experiences to more abstract concepts, enabling students many opportunities for success as they progress towards higher-level thinking.  

Creative Thinking Skills

Our students are amazing!  Every teacher that students encounter throughout the day makes an effort to tap into children’s bright minds and intellectual curiosity.  Bancroft School values and nurtures each student’s individual talents and affinities, and HGP students are no exception.  

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