Worcester’s premier college-preparatory co-ed day school serving students from Central MA and MetroWest, Pre-K–Grade 12


Led by an accomplished team of early childhood educators, the Pre-Kindergarten program at Bancroft engages childen, sparks imagination, taps into curiosity, and encourages self-discovery. With a six-hour program from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m, and an optional extended day until 3:30 p.m., Bancroft’s Pre-Kindergarten is designed to lay a strong foundation for a love of learning and an excitement toward school. Through concrete and creative lessons, children construct knowledge and understanding of the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment.

Click on the subjects below for a summary of the Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.


Early development of emergent readers and writers is an essential experience for young minds. A literacy rich environment includes activities both child initiated and teacher facilitated, which foster a deep appreciation for reading, writing, and singing. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing develop together in a balanced way. Children will be expected to communicate with others in a two-way exchange that enhances their oral, auditory, and visual skills.


The classroom is a math rich environment where concepts are discovered and discussed through purposeful play and engaging activities. Children are invited to count, sort, build shapes, find patterns, measure, and estimate during classroom time.

Central Subject

A Lower School-wide program, Central Subject brings the experience of education to life through a thematic approach to the study of history, literature, geography, and writing. The curriculum organizes subject matter that is flexible, inclusive, and frequently changing in its application, yet constant in its approach. Children engage in each yearlong focus through multi-sensory activities from the arts and music, to movement and conversation in order to master the subject matter.

Today, the Pre-Kindergarten program kicks off this unique discovery experience with a look at our world by starting with the students themselves, their family traditions, and then a cross-disciplinary look into life in Mexico. Children will investigate Mexican traditions, language, music, and culture.


Science in the classroom builds on a child’s innate curiosity and encourages them to pursue their own questions. Children are expected to ask questions, investigate, reflect, and create new ideas and explanations for how the world works. They discover and experiment with aspects of nature while learning about water, color properties, and animals of the world.

Social Learning

The Pre-Kindergarten experience is child centered and full of activity, excitement, and rewarding moments. Children have ample opportunities to grow socially as they make new connections with friends and supportive adults. They learn to express individual needs, follow routines during the day, use classroom tools in appropriate ways, attend events, recognize feelings, bond with peers, play well with others, work cooperatively, problem solve, demonstrate self-confidence, work independently, and take responsibility for actions.


Each day features group-singing experiences that cover a range of musical delights. Besides the seasonal and traditional children’s songs, singing will include music about family, friendships, community helpers, and daily routines. The Music Learning Center will allow children to interact with a wide variety of pitched and percussion instruments for experimentation and sequencing exploration.


Physical Education

Regular physical activity will provide an opportunity for the children to learn, practice, and develop their motor skills, movement concepts and body control as well as develop social behaviors. Basic locomotor movements and patterns will be practiced such as running, walking, skipping, etc, through basic individual movements and games.

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