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Inclement Weather Policy

If the bad weather starts in the early morning (between midnight and 6:00 a.m. on Saturday or midnight and 10:00 a.m. Sunday) and there is going to be a delayed opening, Steve Kelley will call all coaches with games prior to the new opening time. Announcements will also be posted on Bancroft's website and available on Bancroft's voicemail at 508-854-9242. (If the message does not mention a delayed start for the Soccer League, then all games are on as scheduled.)

At that point Mario will inform referees. Once the building is open and play resumes, Mario will work on rescheduling all postponed games from the morning.

Rescheduled Saturday games may and will be moved to Sunday if postponed on Saturday, they may also be played later during regular play on Saturday if time allows. Coaches will be notified before scheduled game times are finalized.

Rescheduled Sunday games are postponed on Sunday may either be made up during the week if availability allows, or on the following weekend either Saturday or Sunday.

If you or your coach decides not to come even though games are on, and your team cannot field a team for the start of the scheduled game time, your team is subject to a 3–0 forfeit. 

If the snow starts during game play on Saturday or Sunday, the decision to either continue with the regular schedule or postpone games will come from Mario. In that case, if games are postponed for the rest of the day, Mario will call all remaining coaches to inform them of the change.

When in doubt, call Mario at 508-847-3545 or Steve @ 508-864-0259

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