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10 Students Become Bancroft's Newest Cum Laude Society Members

Bancroft School is proud to welcome the following students into the Cum Laude Society* (L to R): Duru Cosar ’18, Yunzhao (Lucy) Hao ’18, Ruhi Patil ’19, Esther Merritt-Boone '19, (Head of Upper School Lisa Baker), Weiyi (Adelaide) Zheng ’19, Karan Mehta '18, Carmen Bebbington ’18, Emily Berthiaume ’18, Grace Lyons '18, and Emma Sullivan '19. 

In addition, six members of the Class of 2018 received certificates, having been inducted into the Cum Laude Society as juniors: Jonathan Conroy, Nicholas Conroy, Lindsay Igoe, Philip Onffroy, Ryan Polhemus, and Chelsea Sheldon.

Cum Laude Society Convocation 2018

On the evening of April 23rd, 2018, Bancroft’s Upper School held its annual Cum Laude Society Convocation, inducting six seniors and four juniors who exemplify the Society motto: Areté, Diké, Timé (Excellence, Justice, Honor). With proud parents and guardians looking on, the new inductees became part of a distinguished Society that was founded in 1906 to recognize academic achievement and superior scholarship among students attending secondary schools of the highest academic quality.

Head of Upper School Lisa Baker remarked on the students’ broad range of talents (“You are leapers, throwers, fencers, and rowers… players, researchers, organizers, diplomats, builders, creators… dancers and actors, movers and shakers.”) and acknowledged the unfailing effort it took to earn top marks in advanced classes and achieve such a high level of success. 

The guest speaker this year was Joshua Erban ’11, who was inducted in his junior year at Bancroft. A 2015 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Josh did a year of community service, worked as a clinical researcher, and plans to attend UMass Medical School in the fall. After sharing stories of friendships he made, opportunities he enjoyed, and life lessons he learned at Bancroft, Josh congratulated the new inductees on distinguishing themselves academically — “But I'm not going to say you're smart,” he advised, “because smart implies a static condition, and in reality, you have to work continuously to own your mind… Some of you will graduate soon. But you're not done now. You're never done.”

Wise words from a lifelong learner.