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Students at Robotics Competition

Our Robotics Program at Bancroft School in Worcester, MA

Advancing Future Generations With a World-Class Education

Offering students a world-class educational curriculum means staying ahead of the rapid and ever-changing development of technology. The future of education lies in our cutting-edge robotics program at Bancroft School in Worcester, MA, where innovation meets hands-on learning. As a leading college-preparatory day school, Bancroft has been at the forefront of educational excellence for more than a century. Our state-of-the-art robotics and stem curricular and co-curricular opportunities equip students with experience in the fields of computer science, engineering, and information technologies, allowing them to acquire a wide range of skills needed to thrive and achieve all-around success in the modern world. Learn more about our advanced robotics program at Bancroft today. 

The Robots Are Taking Over

Led by two-time Vex Robotics Coach of the Year, Elisa Heinricher, the Bancroft Robodogs design, build, and program cutting-edge machines that vie for the top spot in the VEX World Robotic Championships. 

  • 6 Straight Appearances The Robodogs have advanced to six consecutive VEX World Championship competitions, including last year when the team traveled to Louisville, Kentucky after receiving a qualifying bid at the Southern New England Championships.
  • 28 Tournament Titles The Robodogs have taken home hardware at 28 different tournaments since the team was formed in 2012, including winning the Southern New England Regional Tournament in 2017-18.
  • 10 Excellence Awards – At ten different tournaments, the Robodogs have taken home the Vex Excellence Award - the highest award presented in VEX Robotics. The recipient of this award is a team that exemplifies overall excellence in building a high-quality robotics program, including excelling in many different areas and being a shining example of dedication, devotion, hard work, and teamwork.

Robotics – The Key to the Future

In an age where technology plays a pivotal role in shaping our world, the Bancroft Robotics program takes center stage. Students are exposed to the latest technologies and trends that drive innovation in the field, encouraging them to explore and bridge the gap between theory and application. Through coding and writing their own commands, students develop the ability to control and program robots and unlock the potential to create intelligent machines capable of tackling real-world problems. The interdisciplinary approach of science, mathematics, and mechanical engineering strengthens their technical skills while nurturing their adaptability and aptitude for innovation. 

Join the Bancroft Robodogs Today

In the heart of Worcester, Bancroft School has been a beacon of excellence since 1900. Our dynamic educational and extracurricular programs offer the gold standard in fostering intellectual curiosity and engagement in every phase of a student’s education. Our students are encouraged to explore their passions and delve into diverse subjects, providing them with a well-rounded perspective on the world. 

As we venture into a world where automation and artificial intelligence become integral to various industries, our Robotics program prepares students in these emerging fields and empowers them to take on the challenges that shape the course of their future with confidence. 

Keeping up with the Robodogs

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Meet Our Robotics Coaches

Photo of Elisa Heinricher Robodogs coach and Upper School Computer Science teacher

Elisa Heinricher

Upper School  Computer Science Teacher, Vex Robotics Coach

Photo of Carrie Whitney acting Head of Middle School and Robodogs coach

Carrie Whitney

Acting Middle School Head, Vex Robotics Coach