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Students at Robotics Competition

Love What You Build

At Bancroft, our robotics program provides students with hands-on experience in designing, building, and programming robots to compete in various competitions throughout the school year. With guidance from Vex Robotics Coach and Upper School Computer Science Teacher Elisa Heinricher, students learn all about mechanical design, electrical systems, and software programming.

The program aims to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork among as students are challenged to work effectively in teams. Collaboration is a signature element and crucial aspect of Bancroft Robotics design and competition.

Students have the opportunity to participate in regional and national robotics competitions where they can showcase their robot designs and compete against other schools. These competitions provide a platform for students to apply their knowledge, test their robots' performance, and learn from other participants. Throughout the team's 10+ years of existence, they have won multiple VEX Robotics Tournament Championships and Excellence Awards.

Keeping up with the Robodogs

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Meet Our Robotics Coaches

Photo of Elisa Heinricher Robodogs coach and Upper School Computer Science teacher

Elisa Heinricher

Upper School  Computer Science Teacher, Vex Robotics Coach

Photo of Carrie Whitney acting Head of Middle School and Robodogs coach

Carrie Whitney

Acting Middle School Head, Vex Robotics Coach