Support the Worcester Partnership AND enter a chance to win up to 50% of our RAFFLE!

Here's how it works:
Buy raffle tickets for $10 (2 tickets) through $50 (10 tickets). 

The winning Ticket will receive 10% to 50% of the raised funds, based on the dollar amount donated.

Example: $25 = 5 tickets, 25% of the total raised if ticket is chosen.

One winning ticket will be pulled on May 20 at the Partnership Golf Tournament.The winner will be notified by phone and email. (attendance is not required).

The proceeds will benefit the Worcester Partnership Program at Bancroft School. Learn more about the Partnership here:

Total amount purchased corresponds with percentage able to win.​​​​​​
Good Luck! Thank you for supporting the Partnership.
Please note that some people have experienced a delay in receiving their confirmation of payment. If that happens after submitting your payment info, please do not submit again. We will get in touch with you. Sorry for the inconvenience​

To complete your ticket request press Submit.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to call or email Charlie Aleksiewicz at 508.853.2640 x229 or

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