May 2018 Newsletter

Dear Bancroft Friends,


When I learned last week that junior Alex Duval was serving as an Assistant Producer of the VEX Robotics World Championship events in Louisville (where our Robodogs were competing for the fifth year in a row), it got me thinking about that word — producer. In so many ways, Bancroft is a community of producers.


From PreK–12 our students are producers. They move from basic group activities to more complex projects where they take on leadership roles, to individualized work that impacts a broader audience, producing results at every turn.


From PreK–12 our students are producers. They move from basic group activities to more complex projects where they take on leadership roles, to individualized work that impacts a broader audience, producing results at every turn.

  • Our Lower Schoolers produced the recycled-material totems that now adorn the theatre courtyard, letting visitors know that we value both creativity and sustainability at Bancroft.
  • The sixth graders — after months of research, field trips, and discovery — produced the Blackstone Valley Expo this week, becoming teachers of others as they shared their newly acquired expertise about our local region.
  • Upper School student-artists Hallie Kamosky, Maomao Ding, and Chelsea Sheldon produced individual artwork, submitted it for judgment in the Congressional Art Competition for the Second District, and won four of the 18 awards given out.

The shared experiences of the early grades help build enthusiasm and inspire the children to take on the greater challenges as they move through Bancroft.


This issue of Shorelines includes other examples of our student producers — Playathon, Middle School Unity & Diversity Day, the Robodogs at Worlds — but the concept extends to the adults of Bancroft, as well. Faculty, staff, and families produce the supportive foundations that empower our students to go forth and make an impact in the local and global communities. 


The Class of 2018 is now off doing their Senior Co-Op projects, their final production before graduation. Before they left, I joined them for lunch in small groups to talk about their Bancroft experience. Many spoke of the pride they felt as role models to their younger peers, showing them the "Bancroft Way" — what's OK, what's not OK. They have left their mark on this School and are moving on, well prepared to make an impact in college and beyond. Fortunately, as alumni, they and their families will remain connected to each other and to Bancroft for all their lives. 




Trey Cassidy
Head of School


The Many Talents of Bancroft
If you combined The Voice, American Idol, America's Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance, it wouldn't come close to Playathon. Sponsored by the PFA, this beloved annual display of performing artistry is open to anyone in our entire PreK–12 community. Every performer — from fledgling to virtuoso — finds an appreciative audience of peers, teachers, and families to support and encourage them as they step on stage to present their best work. Enjoy the video!


US Latin II & Gr. 1 Collaboration
US Latin II & Gr. 1 Collaboration
MS Unity & Diversity Day
US Latin II & Gr. 1 Collaboration

Thinking beyond ourselves. Acting beyond ourselves.

Four years ago, a small group of Bancroft Middle Schoolers came home from the AISNE MS Diversity Conference and said, "We want to do that, too!" And so they did. Their legacy of student leadership has continued and evolved, and the 4th annual MS Unity & Diversity Day took place in late April. With their teachers, a group of MS students spent the past few months gathering suggestions from their peers and planning a rich program of workshops, some led by MS students (and faculty partners), others by experts from the wider community. The morning's activities promoted unity and understanding of diversity in all its forms — from refugee simulations to international food and music; from wheelchair basketball to women's rights; from dyslexia to consumerism; from art to activism. That afternoon, they all headed off campus for this year's final Community Service afternoon. Reading to children, connecting with elders, beautifying public spaces — their chosen activities left the students and parent volunteers energized, yet exhausted. As Mr. O'Driscoll said, "it was a great day that allowed us to revel in all the unites us as a community, and learn more about and celebrate that which makes this world unique."



World-Class Act

The Bancroft Robodogs represented the best of Bancroft last week at the VEX World Robotics Championships  — teamwork, problem-solving, helping others, making international friends, telling their story — not to mention their world-class robotics performances! Through the @robodogs Twitter feed, Coach Elisa Heinricher kept us all in the loop and the amazing students on Teams 2442-B (Jonathan Conroy, Max Onffroy, Philip Onffroy, Ryan Polhemus, Chris Stephenson, Max Sulik) and Team 2442-C (Milo Chase, Aidan Choate, Alex Duval, Hamilton Huang, Aodhagan Leach, Ian Maher, Ken Wu) did us more than proud. With parents and grandparents there cheering them on, they came out 50th and 31st out of 100 teams in their respective divisions. Alex Duval actually had quite a unique role at the event — he was the Assistant Producer! Working with the executives in charge of VEX Worlds, Alex wrote speeches, gave teleprompter training, programmed laser light shows, and worked on the team that coordinated an extravaganza with pyrotechnics and flying platforms. Congratulations to all of these hardworking Robodogs on an exemplary year!  


Lifelong Friendships Renewed. Lasting Memories Made.
If you ever need proof that Bancroft relationships will stand the test of time, just attend a Bancroft Reunion! At the 2018 Reunion in April, alumni from 1958 through 2013 picked right up where they'd left off with their school friends and former teachers. Alumni Award recipients Charlie Aleksiewicz, Linda Tilton Gibson '83, and Michael D. Cohen '98 spoke eloquently about how much Bancroft has meant throughout their lives, and the weekend's activities reminded everyone that they were, are, and always will be part of the Bancroft family.

Yard Sale

It's finally here!

Saturday, May 5, 2018
8AM – 2PM

Bancroft School Gym
110 Shore Drive, Worcester

Come one, come all, and spread the word!

Raffle! Win a Tour of the U.S. Capitol Dome

Host Your Next Group Function at the
Bancroft Field House!

Field House Rentals


May 5, Bancroft Community Yard Sale

May 9, Dr. Sarah Bagley, Drug & Alcohol Talk

May 10, 5th Grade Play 

May 18, PFA Spring Social 

May 28, Memorial Day, School Closed

June 5, LS & MS Closing Ceremonies

June 8, Commencement

June 11, Summer Program Activities Begin

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