January 2018 Newsletter

Dear Bancroft Friends,


My office provides a very special window onto the world of Bancroft. It looks out upon the central thoroughfare that runs the length of the campus, offering me a perfect vantage point to appreciate the things we all love and cherish about this community. We tend to take it in stride that we are a PreK–12 school, but think about it: How often do 4-year-olds, 18-year-olds and all ages in between get to learn, play, and perform together?


Around these parts, Bancroft is it. And that's pretty amazing.

Multiple times a day, I witness the ebb and flow of Lower, Middle, and Upper School students and teachers as they head to their next experience in the music room, theatre, library, playground, dining hall, art studio, gym, or classroom. I never go very long without hearing the laughter and seeing the joy and camaraderie that abounds here at Bancroft. Through even the most hectic of days, my view onto Bancroft's "Main Street" keeps me grounded and focused on the singular reason we're all here.


Gathering for an all-school, PreK–12 assembly on the first day back from break, as we did last week, emphasizes the importance of being together, being an audience, and sharing our talents with one another. (Watch a video of the assembly performances HERE.) Today's Shorelines stories give more examples of how we create opportunities for individuals and groups to make an impact by participating in activities together, supporting each other, and contributing to the larger community around us.


The ability for children and adults to engage in meaningful interactions, to come together in shared experiences that are valued by both sides, is a hallmark of Bancroft. I'm reminded of e pluribus unum. As our Latin students know, that means "out of many, one." That's how I think of Bancroft. We are many ages. We come from many towns and backgrounds. We have many personalities, talents, interests, and learning styles. And our differences strengthen us as we move together in pursuit of our shared mission.


One school, one community, #onepack.



Trey Cassidy
Head of School

P.S. This year's PFA-sponsored State of the School event is coming up at the end of this month. It's a great opportunity to connect with me, learn what's happening, and ask some questions. More information will follow, but please plan to join us on Tuesday, January 30th at 6:30 p.m. in the Field House Community Room. RSVP to


LS Lunch
LS Lunch

This story was crafted by Bancroft alum Jordan Papula '17, who is back on campus this semester as an intern, working with our admission and communications teams. When Jordan joined a group of Lower Schoolers at their lunch table, he discovered why LS Head Beth Beckmann is always saying, "the magic is in the little moments!" ...


I entered Bancroft in ninth grade, so I never had the chance to experience Lower School lunch first-hand. Now, having spent a half-hour sitting with Beth Beckmann and a group of 1st through 5th graders, I'm sorry I missed it. Lower School lunch is so much more than just a time to eat. It is a time to talk with old friends, make new ones, and build the community that makes the Lower School such a special place. Each week, students move to a new table, with new friends and a new teacher. Beth has her own table that students rotate through week by week. "I truly look forward to lunch each and every day," she told me. Beth smiled as she shared a memory about a time when a third grader was talking about the merits of the red-tailed hawk. A fourth grader added to the conversation. Then a second grader shared that his favorite bird was the peregrine falcon. As Beth put it, "the magic moment happened when the third grader told the second grader, 'hey, you're really going to love science in Mr. H's class next year because you can do your report on the hawk and learn more about it!'" 


Beth challenges anyone to sit down and have lunch with a group of Lower School students and not walk away with a smile on their face. I certainly did. Lunch in the Lower School, while somewhat small on the surface, is an important part of what makes the Bancroft experience so extraordinary. — Jordan Papula '17



MS Basketball Social
MS Basketball Social
MS Basketball Social
MS Basketball Social
MS Basketball Social
MS Basketball Social
MS Basketball Social
MS Basketball Social

Middle Schoolers sure know how to plan a great event! Thursday's Basketball Social was a student-organized and student-run extravaganza that showcased Middle School athleticism and musical talents, with the delicious aroma of pizza infusing it all. "The kids arranged everything, from the publicity to the National Anthem soloist to the MS Pep Band to the food sales," said Jody Stephenson, faculty advisor to the MS student council. It's the student council that runs the annual event, which centers around the MS boys' and girls' basketball home games against Applewild School, "As always," said Jody, "we had a great turnout from the entire community, with Lower School families coming to see Spike and enjoy the games, Upper School athletes cheering on the younger players, and everyone coming out to show their Bulldog pride and spirit!" And to top it off, the Bulldogs won both games!  Photos #1– 4 courtesy of Lauren Hamm.


US Students Memorialize WWI Heroes

Eleven Bancroft juniors are the proud, published authors of a chapter in a new book that has brought 355 World War I heroes back to life in the hearts and minds of local students, families, and historians. The book, titled They Ventured Far In the Cause of Liberty: The Names of Worcester's Memorial Auditorium, is the product of a community-based research effort conceived and spearheaded by Worcester State University history instructor Linda Hixon. She and a team of volunteers (including our 11) wrote biographies of the 355 Worcester soldiers who lost their lives in WWI, and whose names are inscribed inside Memorial Auditorium. Our students joined Hixon's project last year as members of Gail Buckley's 10th grade World History II Honors class [read about it HERE.] Their involvement culminated yesterday morning, when Bancroft hosted a book release where 70 local senior citizens, college students, and other volunteers joined the celbration. Hixon said one of her favorite parts of the project was bringing the Bancroft students inside the long-closed Memorial Auditorium and "seeing their wide eyes" as they gazed at the heroes' names inscribed on the wall. The experience was especially moving for junior Gaia Knight, whose great-grandfather is named on the wall, and for her classmate Sam Bond, a passionate history buff who said the experience overwhelmed him "with the spirit of patriotism." The book is not yet available for purchase, but Linda Hixon has a limited supply of copies available.


Enjoy these snippets from our Winter Concerts — another example of the joyful opportunities we create for students to collaborate, practice, achieve mastery and impact their audience with their heartwarming talents. In addition to the slide show below, you can click here for a video of a song performed by the entire Lower School.


Recently Jackie Lefebvre, Bancroft's Director of College Counseling, met with Trey Cassidy and Lisa Baker to share that she would be leaving Bancroft at the end of the 2017-18 school year in order to pursue opportunities as an independent college counselor. "We are so grateful to Jackie for her eight years of dedication and professionalism at Bancroft," said Trey. "Hundreds of Bancroft alumni have successfully navigated their paths to college with the benefit of Jackie's expertise and support as a mentor, friend, and advocate." Jackie, who will continue to serve our students for the remainder of the year, is especially excited about next week's College Night events for juniors and their parents. "It's a joy to help our students explore colleges and transition in the next part of their lives," she says. We will begin the search for Bancroft's next College Counselor immediately. And we will wish Jackie much joy when she transitions into the next part of her life next summer!

Bancroft Fund

The Bancroft Fund helps support remarkable moments like having nine students from a combination of grades join two alumni on a sub-zero Saturday morning (before 7 AM) to trek to a Speech Tournament. Where else but Bancroft could you find such genuine commitment and passion among both the students and faculty?


Plan ahead for these exciting Bancroft community events! 

January 26, Bancroft Networking Breakfast (8 AM, McDonough Center)

January 30, State of the School Address (6 PM, Field House)

March 8-10, US Musical: "Cabaret"

April 12, Playathon

May 5, Bancroft Community Yard Sale

May 10, 5th Grade Play 

May 18, PFA Spring Social 

June 5, LS & MS Closing Ceremonies

June 8, Commencement

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