Applying to the Hope Graham Program

For students in Grades 2–8 with language-based learning differences

Applications to our Hope Graham Program are accepted on a rolling basis.

Building upon Bancroft's commitment to nurture, respect, and educate diverse learners, the Hope Graham Program (HGP) at Bancroft School is designed for students with diagnosed language-based learning differences (LBLD) or dyslexia in Grades 2 through 8.

HGP students join their companion class in Bancroft's Lower or Middle School for all non-language-based subjects and activities, including science, computer skills, music, drama, art, and P.E., as well as recess, lunch, field trips, and special events. In Grades 6 through 8, HGP students also join their companion class for interscholastic sports, health, clubs, technology, and advisory.

The typical admission process for the Hope Graham Program at Bancroft School involves the three steps outlined in the columns below. Please use the Online Application Login to begin your application for admission. You will create an account which will provide you access to the online application, as well as all additional required forms. Hope Graham admission is on a rolling basis.

When these steps are complete, the Admission Committee will let you know as quickly as possible about the final admission decision.


We will ask you to submit for the Admission Committee’s confidential review the results of a complete psycho-educational or neuropsychological evaluation of your child, completed within the past 18 months.

The testing must include a Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V), and a clear statement of your child’s learning profile.

At times, Bancroft School might request additional testing to inform our admission decisions.




Next, we will contact you to arrange a parent visit during which you will have an opportunity to meet with the Hope Graham Program Director, tour the school, learn about the program, and ask questions.

At the same time, we may ask you clarifying questions pertaining to your child’s testing, learner profile, strengths, and challenges.

If we are all in agreement about proceeding with the admission process, we will then schedule a time for your child to spend two school days on campus.


Your child will visit in their current grade-level classroom over two consecutive days. Teachers and members of the Admission Committee will observe your child interacting with peers during work and play.

The teachers will assemble work samples in a portfolio to assist the Admission Committee in its decision.