War and Terrorism Collection provides insight to conflicts and their cause as well as their impact and how they are perceived on a global scale.  Offered through InfoTrac.
World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society presents  information and insights into the military conflicts that have defined our nation's identity from its beginning to today.   Offered through ABC-CLIO.
World Geography: Understanding a Changing World provides online tools that develop students' global literacy, focusing on the geographical, political, social, economic, and cultural forces that are increasingly important in our globalized world.  Offered through ABC-CLIO.
World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras covers early human history around the globe—from prehistoric times to the beginnings of the Renaissance.  Offered through ABC-CLIO.

World History Collection provides coverage of both the current thought and events in World History, as well as scholarly work being established in the field.  Offered through InfoTrac.
World History in Context provides contextual information on hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in World History. It combines reference content with full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted web sites.  Offered through InfoTrac.
World History: The Modern Era covers a broad range of topics in depththe evolution of modern Europe since the Renaissance; concurrent developments in Asia, Africa, and the Islamic world; the global impact of the Industrial Revolution; and the last 100 years of conflicts and international cooperation.  Offered through ABC-CLIO.
World Religions Online explores religion and spirituality in an objective manner, from the ceremonies of the first practitioners to the elaborate rituals of today.  This database provides Topic Centers which focus on the world's major religions and traditional spiritual practices, such as Judaism and Native American religions.  It also features a timeline and a fact file on each religion, as well as a video gallery, an image gallery, and a calendar of holidays and observances.