ABC-CLIO provides the following history databases: 

Academic One File features peer-reviewed, full-text articles from journals and reference sources, covering the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects. Includes full-text coverage of The New York Times back to 1995.  Offered through InfoTrac. 

Access World News is a comprehensive news collection that is ideal for exploring issues and events at the local, regional, national and international level.  Its diverse source types include print and online-only newspapers, blogs, newswires, journals, broadcast transcripts and videos.  Use it to explore a specific event or to compare a wide variety of viewpoints on topics such as politics, business, health, sports, cultural activities and people.  Content is searched and sorted through an intuitive, map-based interface.  Offered through NewsBank. 

The African American Experience gives voice to the African American experience from its African origins to the present day.  This database covers history, biographies, literature, arts, music, popular culture, folklore, business, slavery, the struggle for civil rights, politics, sports, education, science, and other themes.  Offered through ABC-CLIO.

Agriculture Collection is a collection of more than 400 titles focused on agriculture and its related fields: from practical aspects of farming to cutting edge scientific research in horticulture.  Offered through InfoTrac. 

American Government explains the foundations of our government, connects these concepts to the issues of the day, and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the political and economic systems of the United States by comparing them to those of other countries.  Offered through ABC-CLIO. 

American History investigates the people, events, and stories of our nation’s evolution.  From the Civil War to Woodstock, this database explores the ongoing development of the United States, putting past events in context with modern times to initiate critical thinking. Offered through ABC-CLIO. 
America's Historical Newspapers (1690-2000) provides both a timeline and topic search covering issues and events, discoveries, inventions and more from daily life in the colonies and the Revolutionary War to WW I, WW II, the Civil Rights movement, globalization and other eras.  Offered through NewsBank.
AtoZ World Culture is a country-by-country culture resource database.  It comprises 175 Country Culture Guides of 64 data categories each, as well as, in-depth coverage on an array of topics.