Creating Your Trifold Display

Blackstone Valley Expo Extension Projects (optional)

Create a trifold display to share more information about your Blackstone River Valley topic. You can choose one of the ideas below or ask your teacher for a New Idea Proposal form.  Trifold displays are the backdrop to a section of table. You can create your backdrop and also have items on the table for display. Trifolds must:
  • Be completely covered (no white showing) with paint, paper, fabric etc.
  • Have a title explaining the main topic (Immigration, Recreation, Fish etc.) and what the audience would expect to find at that station.
  • Include your name(s)
  • Include typed information
  • May include pictures
  • All pictures and information should be mounted on colored paper prior to gluing on the trifold board
General Extension Projects

Some possible extension project ideas that can be done for any topic:

  • Create a poem about your topic
  • Write a song about your topic
  • Write a ghost story set in the Blackstone Valley
  • Make an iMovie about your topic
  • Create a storybook for kindergarten that teaches them about your topic
  • Attend and photo journal an event in a Blackstone Valley venue
Energy Trifold Ideas

1.   Make a pamphlet people could take home with ways to make their houses more energy efficient.

2.   Are there local companies who help people make their homes and business solar/wind/water powered?

3.   Are there smaller ways to harness solar power? Solar ovens? Solar popcorn machines?

4.  Create a water wheel.

5.  Create a solar oven, or put together a solar car.

Farms and Agriculture Trifold Ideas

1.   Make a roadside farm map with a key of the Blackstone Valley.  What is produced at the farm? Where is it located?

2.   Create a keynote of family farms and the products they advertise.  We will set up a laptop and have it scroll through on BVE night.

Fish of the Blackstone Trifold Ideas

1.   Make a display showing the different types of fish ladders.

2.   Invite your audience to see fish ladders in action throughout MA. Where can you find fish ladders in MA? Are there viewing areas?

3.   Make a model of an anadromous fish found in the Blackstone River. Label all of the major anatomical parts.

Immigration Trifold Ideas

1.   Ethnic recipes...weren't those French-Canadian cookies delicious!? Research to see if there are other recipes of the BV. You may want to print out recipes our guests could take home, bake some recipes our guests could try, visit bakeries specializing in French-Canadian, Swedish or Cape Verdian food.

2.  Create a healthy restaurant menu with a Blackstone Valley theme.

3.   Where are some places (community centers, resource groups...) where immigrant children can get involved in their new community? Do any of these community centers have a particular need that the Bancroft community could help meet?

4.   Music: are there traditional songs of the immigrants? Can you find the words/music that you could display on your trifold? Can you play the music on your iPad? Do you play an instrument? Can you video yourself playing the song and have it on your iPad for display?

5.  Weave cloth, or make clothing from that period.

Mill Towns Trifold Ideas

1.   Make a diorama showing the layout of a typical mill town. Create your own mill town. Give it a name. Name the mills in the town and the type of product created in the mill.  
2.   Make a pamphlet as a tour of the local mill towns you researched. If you were a tourist, where would be cool places to stop and see? Do these places charge admission?  Are they only open during a particular season?

3.  Create a digital mill town.

4.  Write a play set in a mill town.

5.  Create a photo journal of mill housing today.

Newspapers Trifold Ideas

Coming Soon!

Performing and Visual Arts Trifold Ideas

1.   Make a display showing upcoming Performing Arts in the Blackstone Valley. What theaters? What types of shows? Anything geared specifically for children?
2.   Music: are there traditional songs of the immigrants? Can you find the words/music that you could display on your trifold? Can you play the music on your iPad? Do you play an instrument? Can you video yourself playing the song and have it on your iPad for display?

3.   Were there songs the Canal diggers would sing? Learn the words or music to a traditional song.

4.   Create a poem about the French-Canadian immigrants coming to work in Woonsocket.

Recreation on the Blackstone Trifold Ideas

1.    Even today, a party is not a party without food! Research what types of food were found at company picnics, baseball games, field days etc.... See if you can find recipes for some of these items. Maybe even have some items on your table for people to try.

2.    Display recreation activities for people living in the BV today. Any festivals coming up? Sharks tickets? Tornadoes? Maybe contact sports teams and see if they have discount coupons they would let you hand out.

3.  Photo journal a bike trip on the Rail Trail.

Transportation Trifold Ideas

1.   Make trail guides. Where should you go if you would like to explore a rail trail? What are the special features of each place? Is there parking?

2.   Visit some rail trails. Take pictures and put together a slideshow (iMovie or Keynote) to showcase some of the trails.

Water Quality Trifold Ideas

1.   How can people who live in the Blackstone River Valley get involved in volunteer monitoring? Make a display showing organizations, what they do and who people can contact. Or, volunteer to help monitor water quality or clean up natural space.

2.   Ask Mrs. Whitney about macro-invertebrates. Are there guides people can use to find more pollutant tolerant insects? How would you put together a kit to do some river sampling?

3.   Make a diorama showing the Blackstone River Watershed

4.  Research and make a poster about causes and treatment of Cyanobacteria