Keynote Presentation

BVE Keynote Presentation Guideline

Using Keynote on your iPad

You and ___________________ will each write part of your speech and create _______________________ to accompany your speech.

____________________ the slides to combine your work into on document. This may need to be done in small chunks.

    1.   Create a __________________
    2.   Select a ___________________
    3.   Press “Presentations” and go back to rename your file with ________________________________________
    4.   Use ____________ to add slides to the presentation
    5.   Use ____________ to make stylistic changes
    6.   Use ____________ to add textboxes or images
    7.   Use ____________ to share with your partner by selecting “Share a copy”

Keep It Simple

Use __________________ not full sentences

Use no more than _________ images. Usually 1-_____________ is best.

Search for images using websites you read and did a worksheet from or from field trips when __________________________.

Each person should be creating roughly 7-10 slides.

Click here for a pdf of these Keynote instructions.

Oral Presentation
Instructions will be posted here soon.
If STEP #5 is all done

If your team has created the presentations for its topic, go to STEP #6.