How to Interview Someone

Interview Tips

I.      Overall approach to conducting an in person or over the phone interview in school or off campus:

a.     Contact the person you will interview and do the following:

i.     Greet them warmly with a “hello”, telling them your name, grade, and the school you attend

ii.     Tell them that you need to ask approximately five questions about your particular topic and that it will take approximately 10-15 minutes

iii.     Ask them if it is ok if you record their answers, using a cell phone voice recorder, a mini tape recorder or paper and pencil –and don’t hesitate to politely ask them to repeat their answer as you write down, paraphrase, what you can remember

iv.     Thank them and send a thank you card soon after the interview

b.     Ways to ask good leading questions:

i.     keep your questions open-ended (no yes or no answers)

ii.     start with a list of general questions and allow the interview to flow

iii.     note personal stories or tidbits of information not able to be found in a textbook

Click here for a pdf version of these Interview Tips.

Interview Schedule

Energy Then & Now:   TBD

Farms and Agriculture Then and Now:  TBD

Fish of the Blackstone:  TBD

Immigration Then & Now:  TBD

Mill Towns (Whitinsville/Hopedale/Ashton):  TBD

Newspapers Then & Now:  TBD

Performing and Visual Arts:  TBD

Recreation on the Blackstone Then & Now:  TBD

Transportation Then & Now:  TBD

Water Quality:  TBD

If STEP #3 is all done

If your team has completed the interviews for its topic, go to STEP #4.