Find In-depth Articles - Online Sources
ABC-CLIO is the portal through which the following databases can be accessed and searched simultaneously:  Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society, and World Geography: Understanding a Changing World.

Access World News - Newspaper articles from around the world. Read the screen to limit your search by continent or country. Choose ‘lead paragraph’ to capture your topic or keywords in the first paragraph of the article. You can limit by date, too. Modify your search with different terms if you need to.

InfoTrac is the portal through which the following databases can be accessed:  Global Issues in Context,  The New York Times, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, and Biography in Context.

  • Biography in Context -- check here for biographical information on important people relevant to your research.

World Religions Online is a database that can provide information on certain religious topics related to your country.
Research Tools

Middle School Library eResources

Evaluating Websites

NoodleBib - You will need to use Noodlebib to create citations, bibliography, note cards, and outline for your paper.  If you need help, please ask a librarian or teacher.

MLA Formatting Guide

Avoiding Plagiarism - Use this tool to ensure that your writing has not been copied from an online source.