Selected Web Sites to Build Background Knowledge

BBC - The Great War at Home (U.K.) - BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) radio, video productions and commentary, including many primary sources. 

Britain 1906-1918: Contrast, Contradiction & Change (The National Archives, U.K.) -- "Civilians & War 1914-18", and "Propaganda 1914-18"

The Cabinet Papers 1915-1986 -- includes discussions among Cabinet members about the war.

The First World War: Sources for History (The National Archives, U.K.)

The Great War Archive | The First World War Poetry Digital Archive  (Oxford U.) -- this web site contains two archives:  archival items from World War I, and World War I poetry.

The Great War: 1914-1918 (The National Archives, U.K.) - official site from the National Archives; wealth of information in varied formats.

Imperial War Museums

The Map as History: Europe after World War I -- very well done animated map with commentary showing boundary changes after the war. (rest of maps require subscription)

National World War I Museum and Memorial (US) 

Spartacus Educational (U.K)

The Wall Street Journal: World War I Centenary: 100 Legacies

The Western Front Association

World War I: Trenches on the Web

Web Sites of Interest

Best of History Web Sites - WWI World War I -- videos and articles from

Internet Modern History Sourcebook -- World War I; Some links overlap and some are broken but it is still worth looking around this site.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Treaty of Versailles

World War I in Photos (The Atlantic)