Bancroft students experience the cultures, diversity, and complexities of our surrounding communities and the world in meaningful ways.

Where will you go?

Our students traverse all over the globe—from the majestic glaciers of Iceland to the pristine shores of Bermuda—to experience the people, languages, and history of foreign regions and cultures.


From touring the Parthenon to trekking the streets of the historical neighborhood of Plaka, students immersed themselves in Greece’s culture, language, and customs.


Bancroft alum Q Karmue ’01 founded Save More Kids, an organization committed to creating opportunities for Liberian children. In March 2019, a group of students traveled to the Monrovia to explore the history and culture of the African nation, and to work with underserved communities in the region.


Middle School students crossed the Atlantic in spring of 2019 to discover the rich history of Rome and the ancient ruins of Pompeii. The group toured several landmarks of in both destinations, including the Colosseum, Pantheon, and the oldest surviving Roman amphitheater. 

Learning the language

Basic Spanish language instruction begins in first grade and continues throughout the Lower School experience. In sixth grade, students explore two additional languages, Latin and Mandarin Chinese, as part of the Phenomenon of Language course. In Upper School (grades 9-12), students may choose from a broad selection of courses in Spanish, French, Latin, and Mandarin.

Nǐ hǎo!

With our partners at EduBoston, we welcome up to 20 international students from China every year into our Upper School. These young scholars live with local host families and participate in all aspects of life at Bancroft, from sports and stage productions to math competitions, music, student government, and robotics.

Global Studies Blog

Follow Global Studies In Action to learn the way that students developing appreciation and awareness of the world’s cultures—both near and far.

Our Mission

Four beliefs frame the Global Studies experience for our students as they develop into citizens of the global community:

  • Learning takes place when we step outside of the known environment, beyond what is familiar and comfortable;
  • Global engagement and cultural awareness are threads to be woven throughout a student's career at Bancroft;
  • Exposure to cultural differences builds empathy and understanding of diversity in all its forms; and
  • Bancroft’s unique PreK–12 experience allows occasions to periodically reflect on how global learning has changed and enriched our perspectives over time.

Lower School

  • Multidimensional Central Subject units combine history, literature, geography, and writing.
  • Hands-on art and music introduce cultures and peoples from other times and places. 
  • Field trips and our foreign language program in Spanish add to these connections and expose students to the world’s richness and complexity at an early age.

Middle School

  • Language offerings expand to encompass Latin, Spanish, and Mandarin. 
  • Teachers guide students to think creatively and analytically as they explore new ideas about environment, culture, and politics.
  • Extensive community service outings reveal our power to improve lives, and raise awareness of our roles as global citizens.
  • World travel opportunities allow exploration and discovery of different ways of life.

Upper School

  • Multi-level language classes in French, Latin, Spanish, and Mandarin deepen cultural awareness.
  • Service projects in and around Worcester impact communities both locally and globally. 
  • Global travel and study opportunities expand to several different continents. 
  • The International Student Program welcomes up to 20 international students who are fully matriculated for the four years of Upper School.


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