Strike A Chord!

Whether you're a jazz enthusiast, violinist, or just want to sing at the top of your lungs in the chorus, Bancroft has what you need. Music is embedded in our culture and opportunities for novices and experts alike are available in all three schools. Performances are highlighted at weekly assemblies and cross-curricular projects at every grade level connect music to Central Subjects.

Lower School

Music is an integral part of Lower School life at Bancroft. Students Pre-K through Grade 5 have music classes and get opportunities to perform on a regular basis. On top of that, Lower School students can participate in a performing arts ensemble as part of band, chorus, or strings program. 

Middle School

Middle School takes music in-depth. Students learn to read, listen, and perform music at increasingly more complex levels. Courses on Songwriting, Handbells, Afro-Cuban hand drumming, and Jazz Band have all been featured. Students perform at Middle School assemblies and the winter and spring concerts. 

Upper School

Classes on music theory and history highlight a vast curriculum available to students in the Upper School covering everything from chord identification to the historical development of Jazz and Rock & Roll. Students can also be a part of any of the instrumental groups and chorus which are available as classes and performing ensembles. 

The Music Team

Stefani Torode

Lower, Middle, Upper School Music Teacher / Strings Specialist

Beth Gondek

Lower, Middle, Upper School Music Teacher / Vocal Specialist

Neal Melley

Lower, Middle, Upper School Music Teacher / Band Specialist

Rachel Wagner

Upper School Vocal Teacher

Music to our ears