Bancroft provides outlets for artists of all kinds. From music, to painting, to acting, to writing, we've got something for all types of creative minds. And we like to let our students shine. From our art exhibits all over campus, to our very own Harrington Theatre stage, you can't go far without seeing student expression. And we go off-campus to. From speech and debate tournaments to concerts, our student art is showcased all over.  

All the world's a stage

Every year, Bancroft students—from Lower School to Upper School—produce and perform in four main-stage shows in the Harrington Performing Arts Center. The budding thespians immerse themselves in a full range of theatrical education, including many weeks of rehearsals, set design and construction, lighting, costumes, makeup, acting, and singing.


Music to our ears

From choruses to ensembles, Bancroft students of all ages are engaged with music. In Early Learning, singing games revolve around the daily routines of the children, the weather, and nature, while Upper School musicians study musical theory, aural and visual interval and chord identification, and the harmonic construction of music.


Spoken like true champions

Now in its 17th year, the Bancroft School Speech Team is a nationally recognized competitor in Speech and Forensics. Whether you are interested in acting, storytelling, poetry, current events or argumentation, there is an event for you.


Art for everyone

From Early Learning to Upper School, our visual arts programs focus on the whole artist, fostering hands-on skills, aesthetics and appreciation, autonomy, and creativity. As an art student, you’ll bring your voices and passions into the studio and the lab as you master skills to create exceptional visual works.

Visual Arts

Calling all wordsmiths

Are you a writer looking to hone your craft? The Bancroft Young Writers Conference (YWC) is a remarkable opportunity to work closely with published authors and working writers. You’ll learn about the writing process from idea to publication, and develop storylines for future writing projects. The next Bancroft YWC takes place on November 23-24, 2019.



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Bancroft provides outlets for artists of all kinds