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We empower students to use their voice and try new things

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Bancroft campus in fall
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Art is all around us

The arts—performance, visual, and music—are infused into every element of life at Bancroft.  Experiencing the arts helps learners develop a wide range of skills, including motor, language, social, and problem solving. And hey, it’s fun, too!

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It's all about movement

Physical activity helps students achieve balance in the midst of their busy academic lives. Athletics and physical education are an integral part of the PreK to 12 Bancroft experience.

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Join the club

Are you a budding journalist? Join Unleashed, our student-run paper. Want to make our campus even greener? Become part of the Environmental Outdoors Club. Want to start a club of your own? By all means.

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Part of a Larger Community

Bancroft students and faculty are engaging with each other and the community around us in remarkable ways. From becoming advocates for the Worcester Refugee Assistance Program to volunteering for the United Way, our students are making a difference in Worcester and beyond.

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Experiencing the World

Our students have traveled the world—from Reykjavik to Pompeii to Costa Rica—to immerse themselves in different cultures and meet new people.

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“Our global studies model is primarily student-driven. We ask them what they want to learn and where and how they want to learn it. It’s about their voice and choice.” Mark Taylor, Director of Community Engagement


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