Bancroft Field House Rentals

Fully Functional

From its beautiful hilltop location overlooking Worcester’s Indian Lake, the Bancroft Field House offers exceptional rental spaces for corporate meetings, conferences, community gatherings, and sporting events. The Field House provides ample free parking and free wi-fi. Audio-visual equipment and food & beverage services are also available.

Indoor Turf Fields

Our indoor turf fields provide an ideal indoor space for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball and softball. 

Full Field
Rental Fee: $195 per hour

Half Field
Rental Fee: $120 per hour

Meeting Spaces

Our modern and flexible meeting spaces feature modular tables and chairs that can be configured in a variety of ways to accommodate your group’s needs, whether it’s a one-time special event or a recurring meeting. 

Community Room (up to 60 people)
Rental Fee: $125 per rental

Conference Room (up to 25 people) 
Rental Fee: $125 per rental

Food / Beverage

Bancroft School Dining Services is pleased to offer optional catering for your meeting or event in the Field House. Prices indicated are for Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM. Catering is also available after 4 PM and on weekends for an additional charge.

Continental Breakfast

$7 per person | Minimum 12 people

  • Bagels with Cream Cheese, Assorted Breakfast Pastries, Fruit Salad, Assorted Yogurts, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Bottled Water 

Lunch Options

$10 per person | Minimum 12 people

All lunch options include choice of Garden or Caesar Salad, Soda/Bottled Water, Chips, Condiments, Pickles, Cookies, and Brownies

Choice of:

  • Assorted Sandwiches (Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, and Roasted Vegetables Served on Multigrain Bread and Bulkie Rolls)
  • Assorted Wraps (Turkey, Hummus, Roasted Vegetables, Chicken Caesar, and Plain Caesar)
  • Assorted Finger Sandwiches (Chicken, Tuna, Ham Salad)

Snack Options

$3 per person | Minimum 12 people

Choice of:

  • Cookies/Brownies/Dessert Bar
  • Chips/Pretzels/Goldfish/M&M's
  • Tortilla Chips with Salsa
  • Assorted Yogurts/Granola Bars/Whole Fruit
  • Assorted Cheeses/Crackers/Grapes
  • Vegetable Tray with Ranch Dressing


$1 per person | Minimum 12 people

Choice of:

  • Soda/Water Bottles
  • Coffee/Tea Setup 

Inquire / Availability

For information about renting space in the Bancroft Field House, submit the following form:

Stephen Kelley
Bancroft Field House Manager

The Bancroft Field House is located at 100 Shore Drive, Worcester, MA, across from the Greendale Y.

Indoor Soccer League

General Information

2019-20 Winter Season Session 1: General Information

Bancroft School Indoor Soccer League

2019-20 Winter Season - Session 1

Registration for Session #1 will be held at the Bancroft School Field House on Tuesday, October 22nd from 7:00-8:00. The Indoor Soccer league fee for Session #1 is $650.00. Teams will play 8 games and have a playoff day.

We will be accepting team registrations on a first come basis and taking 8 teams per division. We will accept additional registrations and add teams to a particular division if we have time in our overall league schedule.

We will not be accepting any mail in or early registrations. Coaches or a representative of the team must be present at registration with the completed registration form and non-refundable deposit of $100.00. All checks should be made payable to Bancroft School.

All coaches will be required to complete a CORI background check form and sign the league liability waiver at registration. 

The dates of session # 1 are as follows:

November 16 & 17, 23 & 24, November 30 & December 1, 2019

December 7 & 8, 14 & 15, 21 & 22, 28 & 29, 2019

January 4 & 5, 2020

January 11 & 12  2020 Playoffs


Division schedule (these times are approximate based on 8 teams per division)

Saturdays                                                             Sundays

U-12 girls 8:00-11:20 am                                     U-10 Girls 11:10 am-1:30 pm

U-12 Boys 11:30 am-3:30 pm                              U-10 Boys 1:30- 4:00

U-8 coed   3:30-6:40                                          U-14 Boys 4:00-7:00 

U-14 Girls 6:40- 9:40  

(We may schedule one Girls U-14 game on Sunday @ 7:40 pm if necessary)


We will still allow roster additions or subtractions up to the 2nd game of the season. Full payment of team balances will be due by the 2nd game of the season.

Age Division Requirements

Here is a table to figure out if a player is eligible to play a specific age group at the Bancroft School Indoor Soccer League. These dates and grades are consistent with the MA. Youth Soccer Association.

Program                                                       Born On or After

U-8   (coed)                                                  1/1/2012

U-10 (Boys & Girls)                                       1/1/2010

U-12 (Boys & Girls)                                       1/1/2008

U14 (Boys & Girls)                                        1/1/2006

2019-20 Winter Season Session 1: Schedule & Standings

Coaches Corner

Coaches' Corner

Welcome to the Coaches' Corner, your location for all of the Bancroft School Indoor Soccer League's detailed information and Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find the information you need, please contact: Steve Kelley, Field House Director, 508-854-9242


Bancroft School Indoor Soccer League Rules & Regulations


All teams must be paid in full by the start of their second game of the season. Any team not paid by the start of their second game will forfeit all games 3-0 until payment is made in full. Deposits are non-refundable.  


  • Teams must be in the athletic center ten (10) minutes before the start of their game.

  • Teams may enter the Field area five (5) minutes before kickoff.

  • If a team is five (5) minutes late (meaning not in the bench area for the start of the game, as signaled by the referee’s horn), it will forfeit the game 3-0.


  • Uniforms shall consist of matching shirts and matching socks.

  • All players must wear shin guards covered by their socks.

  • Players with mismatched uniforms will not be allowed to play.

  • For safety, all players are asked to wear indoor soccer shoes or sneakers. We will allow molded rubber cleats less than 1/2 inch — NO metal-tipped cleats, NO V-cleats and NO screw-in cleats.

  • Thigh protectors are optional, but if used, must match the team uniform shirts in color.

  • ALL jewelry must be removed prior to a game.

  • Players without uniforms will not be permitted in the bench area.


Age Division requirements for 2019-2020 Session # 1

Here is a table to figure out if a player is eligible to play a specific age group at the Bancroft School Indoor Soccer League.

Program                                    Born On or After

U-8                                                    1/1/2012

U-10                                                  1/1/2010

U-12                                                  1/1/2008

U-14                                                  1/1/2006


ALL players must meet both requirements.

If a player only meets one of the requirements the player is too old compete in that age group

  • Players may ONLY play on one (1) team per Gender and Age category (i.e., they may not play on two U-12 Boys or two U-12 Girls teams).

  • Players may play UP into a higher age division (i.e., they may play U-10 and U-12).

  • Players may NOT play down into a lower age division (i.e., an 11-year-old may not play in U-12 and U-10).

  • Girls may play on a both a boys’ and a girls’ team in their age category (i.e., a girl may play U-12 Girls and U-12 Boys).

  • Boys may NOT play on both a boys’ and girls’ team in their age category. (i.e., a boy may not play U-12 Girls and U-12 Boys).

  • U8 division is Co-ed. Teams can be all boys, all girls, or co-ed. No minimum number of players on the field


  • Bancroft Indoor Soccer League age levels will be determined by the MA Youth Soccer Chart. Please consult the chart when putting together your roster for the season. 

  • Rosters with names, dates of birth, and town residences must be submitted at registration.
  • Roster changes are permitted up to the (2nd) game of the season.
  • Maximum players at a game per week is 15
  • Youth players’ age eligibility shall be used by the MAYSA


  • All Coaches challenge about age or grade MUST be made to the League Director.  The Challenged Coach has ONLY 24 hours to provide a birth certificate. Therefore, we request that coaches carry a copy of each player’s birth certificate or proof of age at all contests. 
  • Any player who falsifies his or her age or uses a false birth certificate shall be banned from the Bancroft School Indoor Soccer League.
  • The Coach of any team using players with falsified age shall be banned from the Bancroft School Indoor Soccer League
  • All games in which ineligible players participate shall be forfeited by a 3-0 score.
  • Any team caught using an alternate will forfeit the game they play 3-0, and will forfeit their right to go to the Playoffs.


  • U-8 will play 7v7 including a goalie
  • U-10 will play 7v7 including a goalie
  • U-12 will play 7v7 including a goalie
  • U-14 will play 7v7 including a goalie
  • Guaranteed substitution — We will play with the sub-on-the-fly rule. Players are allowed to sub at any time during game play.
  • Referee’s judgment on goal scored.
  • All games will be played in 2 equal halves 
    • U-8 will play two 20-minute periods
    • U-10 will play two 20-minute periods
    • U-12 will play two 20-minute periods
    • U-14 will play two 20-minute halves
  • Half time is two (2) minutes
  • For safety — No sliding at anytime during the game
  • Ball over the end line will be goal or corner kick. Ball over the sidelines will be throw In. Opposing players must be 2 yards from the ball.
  • No offsides

  • Kick off will be an indirect kick


  • Goalie has (6) seconds to distribute the ball.
  • Penalty or infraction is indirect kick from where the ball crosses midfield.
  • The goal keeper must play the ball with their feet on any pass back from a teammate.
  • Goalies may not slide out of the box to play the ball.
  • Punting and drop kicks are not allowed. A goalie must distribute the ball with a throw after a save. The ball must bounce on the defensive side of the field before crossing the half field mark. If a team is behind by 5 goals or more, the goalies throw may cross midfield in the air.


  • Ball must hit goalie’s own half to be played. If a team is behind by 5 goals or more, the goal kick may cross midfield in the air.
  • Penalty for infraction is indirect kick from where the ball crossed midfield


  • Teams receive three (3) points per win and one (1) point per tie.
  • Standings will be adjusted on Tuesday of every week and placed online for coaches, spectators, and players to view.


  • Tie breakers are settled by the following criteria:
    • 1st head to head games 
    • 2nd goals against 
    • 3rd goals for 
    • 4th record vs. common opponents 
    • 5th combined record of all teams played 
    • 6th coin flip
  • Team will only receive credit for the +5 goals amount they beat a team (i.e., If a team wins 12-3, they will only be credited for 8 goals.)  


  • Leagues with 4 teams or less: ALL teams make the playoffs
  • Leagues with 5-9 teams: 6 teams make the playoffs
  • Leagues with 9+ teams: 6 teams make the playoffs


  • (All Playoff Games will be played on one day.  Playoff Games will be one 30-minute game)
  • Playoffs involving four teams will have two rounds of playoffs:
    • Semi-finals with (Seed 1 vs Seed 4) and (Seed 2 vs Seed 3).
    • Finals being the winners of those games 
  • Playoffs involving six teams will have three rounds of playoffs:
    • Round 1 will see (Seed 3 vs Seed 6), (Seed 4 vs Seed 5), and Seeds 1 and 2 will have the bye
    • Round 2 will see (Seed 1 vs the lowest-seeded winner Round 1) and (Seed 2 vs the highest seeded winner Round 1).
    • Finals being the winners of those games


  • Spectators must stay on the track on the opposite side of the field from the benches. No player, coach or spectator is allowed to stand on the track behind the goal line


  • Appointments and scheduling will be done by the leagues coordinator 
  • Officials must attend yearly orientation on the league’s rules and procedures 
  • Referee director will monitor official’s performance for future assignments 
  • Referee’s decision on judgment calls and game results are final
  • Game protest will be evaluated in writing within 48 hours and analyzed with the referee’s report
  • Coaches are welcome to report referee’s performance in writing to the league coordinators
  • Zero-Tolerance policy regarding confronting or challenging a referee. Confronting or Challenging a referee at any time by a player, coach, or parent will result in dismissal of player, coach, or parent from the league.
  • All complaints are to be filed through Mario after the game.


  • Endangering by sliding will result in a direct kick
  • Player committing infraction(s) may be awarded a 2-minute penalty. The player will come back when time expires or when opponent scores.
  • Persisting infractions after a 2-minute (same player) will get a caution and a 2-minute penalty. Persisting infractions after a caution, player will be “sent off” (Yellow card). A 5-minute penalty will be served by the player, and it will be fully served regardless of goals scored against.
  • Serious foul/violent conduct by players or coaches will result in ejection and season-long suspension.
  • Foul and abusive language against league officials, referees and others will be dealt with as violent conduct (this includes parental behavior).
  • Any ejected player will be suspended minimum of 3 games.
  • Any ejected coach will be suspended for the season. Full season suspension includes playoffs.
  • Any damage to the field house will result in full season suspension, plus the responsible party must pay all damages!
  • The offending party’s team is not allowed to participate until damages are paid in full.
  • Coaches entering the “field” to protest a call will be deemed as a violent act.

Schedule Change Procedures

Schedule Change Procedures

If a team or coach cannot make a scheduled game it is THEIR responsibility to let the opposing team and Mario know. Mario can be reached at (508) 847-3545. To get contact information on an opposing coach, you may use your coaches list or contact Mario. Your opposing coach is under NO obligation to reschedule the game.

If you know of any date that is going to be a conflict during the season it is recommended that you bring that to the attention of the League Staff at Registration so the conflict can be avoided. If the game cannot be rescheduled and you cannot field a team the game will result in a 3-0 forfeit and the opposing team may use the field for practice time or scrimmage vs. a team that plays before them.

A rescheduled game is also dependent on the availability of League staff and league referees. WE are under no obligation to reschedule a game for you. Games may be rescheduled to:

  • 45 minutes before the 1st game on Saturday morning

  • 45 minutes after the start of the last game on Saturday

  • 45 minutes before the 1st game on Sunday.

  • Games may also be rescheduled during the week if space, League Staff, and referees are available. 

Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

If the bad weather starts in the early morning (between midnight and 6:00 a.m. on Saturday or midnight and 10:00 a.m. Sunday) and there is going to be a delayed opening, Steve Kelley will call all coaches with games prior to the new opening time. Announcements will also be posted on Bancroft's website and available on Bancroft's voicemail at 508-854-9242. (If the message does not mention a delayed start for the Soccer League, then all games are on as scheduled.)

At that point Mario will inform referees. Once the building is open and play resumes, Mario will work on rescheduling all postponed games from the morning.

Rescheduled Saturday games may and will be moved to Sunday if postponed on Saturday, they may also be played later during regular play on Saturday if time allows. Coaches will be notified before scheduled game times are finalized.

Rescheduled Sunday games are postponed on Sunday may either be made up during the week if availability allows, or on the following weekend either Saturday or Sunday.

If you or your coach decides not to come even though games are on, and your team cannot field a team for the start of the scheduled game time, your team is subject to a 3–0 forfeit. 

If the snow starts during game play on Saturday or Sunday, the decision to either continue with the regular schedule or postpone games will come from Mario. In that case, if games are postponed for the rest of the day, Mario will call all remaining coaches to inform them of the change.

When in doubt, call Mario at 508-847-3545 or Steve @ 508-864-0259

Food & Beverage Rules

Field House Food & Beverage Rules

FOOD POLICY: Players are allowed ONLY water bottles on the track and playing surface. Any child bringing an alternative to water will have to discard the beverage in the trash. (The only exception is a child with diabetes; they may have Gatorade or the equivalent. Evidence of diabetes is required.) 

PARENTS/SPECTATORS are NOT allowed on the playing surface. There is a viewing area inside the field house with seating for spectators and parents/spectators can stand on the track.Parents/spectators can bring ONLY water bottles onto the track area. If fans fail to follow this rule, the referee may assess a two-minute team penalty to the fan's team. In addition, a $50.00 cleaning fee may be assessed against the fan's team.

Steve Kelley

Bancroft Field House Manager


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