Affording Bancroft

Money Matters

A Bancroft education is a powerful and life-changing investment in your child’s future.

When you look at the tuition numbers, don’t make the mistake of assuming that Bancroft is out of reach for your family. Bancroft is a diverse and inclusive community of families from a variety of backgrounds. If your child is motivated and ready to engage fully in the exceptional academic, artistic, athletic, and service opportunities Bancroft has to offer — and if you are ready to invest in a deep partnership to prepare your child for leadership in college and the world beyond — we encourage you to inquire. There are many ways to afford a Bancroft education, including financial aid and scholarships, and we are here to help every qualified applicant find their way.

Tuition and fees for 2019-2020

Lower School

PreK and Kindergarten: $14,000

Grade 1: $18,400

Grades 2-5: $30,700

Middle School

Grades 6-8: $34,900

Upper School

Grades 9-12: $38,200

Bancroft partners with Cambridge Network to admit international students in our Upper School.

International Students Grades 9-12: $44,600

Hope Graham Program

Grades 2-5: $39,800

Grades 6-8: $44,000


Lunch Plans

Full Year $825–$850 per student per year; A La Carte Plan (per use) billed monthly.




Bus: Round Trip $2,400-$2,500 per student per year.

Tuition Payment Plan Options / Payment Methods

Plan 1: One Payment (Full Tuition)

  • One payment due July 30, 2019
  • Payment is based on tuition, minus your $1,000 enrollment deposit

Plan 2: (65% / 35%)

  • First payment (65% of tuition) due July 2019
  • Second payment (35% of tuition) due January 2020
  • Payments are based on tuition, minus your $1,000 enrollment deposit 

Plan 3: Ten Payments

  • 10 equal monthly payments, beginning in May 2019
  • Final payment due February 2020
  • Payments are based on tuition, minus your $1,000 enrollment deposit 

Payment Methods

Smart Tuition™ — Bancroft billing and payment administration is provided by Smart Tuition™. You will have 24/7 access to your Smart Tuition account online, including phone support, and the ability to make payments. You have the option to pay by check, electronic funds transfer, Internet, phone, debit card, or credit card. Enrollment Instructions for Smart Tuition™

Enrollment Deposit — Your Bancroft School enrollment packet will include instructions for creating a Smart Tuition account (if you do not already have one). There, you will indicate which payment plan and method you wish to use. You will need to sign the Enrollment Agreement and return it with a deposit of $1,000, payable to Bancroft School

Other Fees — Your payment plan covers tuition only. There are other required and optional fees that are billed through Smart Tuition. Such fees must be paid on time to avoid late fees or restriction of credit privileges.

Tuition Insurance — Tuition costs include coverage under the Dewar's Tuition Refund Insurance Plan


Bancroft believes that students benefit significantly from learning within a socio-economically diverse student body. The School's financial aid budget is designed to supplement family resources to allow a healthy number of students to enroll who would not have been able to do so without the School's assistance. 

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Financial aid grants are awarded to students based on their family's financial need. Every year, Bancroft awards over $2 million in grants to Bancroft families.

A family's ability to pay Bancroft's tuition, and their application for financial aid, does not influence admission committee decisions in any way.

Although Bancroft does expect that families will consider all available resources before requesting tuition assistance, the School recognizes that affordability is an important issue and works with each individual family carefully and thoughtfully.

The best way to understand the School's financial aid process is to meet with Sean Ganas, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, who will be happy to answer your questions. Please contact the Admission Office at 508.854.9227 to arrange a meeting.

How to apply

How to Apply for Financial AidIn order to help us determine each family’s need, we use School and Student Services (SSS) for Financial Aid in Princeton, New Jersey. Based on the financial information you provide, SSS provides an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses.  This helps us make fair and objective financial aid decisions. 

Current families that complete their Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) and supporting documentation to SSS by February 1, 2020 will receive their financial aid notification along with their re-enrollment contracts for 2020-2021.

The Admissions Team

Sean Ganas

Director of Admission & Financial Aid

John Irvine

Assistant Director of Admission - Upper School

Will Meyers

Assistant Director of Admission - Lower / Middle School


Jody Stephenson

Middle School Admission Liaison


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