Independent Learning

Give Independent Learning a Try

What's the best way to learn about a new topic? Routine assignments, readings, and group activities can all contribute to retaining new information. However, the importance of independent learning can't be overstated. Learning independently is an essential skill for all phases of life. After all, once a student leaves secondary school, they likely won't have a traditional instructor in front of them to teach them everything. At Bancroft in Worcester, MA, we believe in cultivating independent learning skills early. Our Lower, Middle, and Upper school students all have the chance to embark on their own journey to mastery and independence, with esteemed faculty members as their guides. Find out how independent learning fits within our innovative curriculum, classes, and school culture.

Defining Independent Learning

Independent learning can be generally defined as the opportunity to take charge of your own learning. At Bancroft, we believe that students should have the chance to explore their world. With faculty guidance, students make informed decisions about their own learning activities, cultivating both self-motivation and confidence.

Students in Chem Lab class in Worcester, MA

How Students Can Benefit from Learning Independently

Students of all ages can benefit from independent learning. Along with our innovative curriculum, our learning laboratory method provides all the tools students need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Those who participate in independent learning can benefit in the following ways:

·   Increased motivation

·   A sense of curiosity

·   Improved grades and increased academic excellence

·   A greater sense of self-awareness

·   Problem-solving and critical thinking skills

·   Specialized activities catered to unique interests

·   Fostering a lifelong love of learning

Our Faculty Act as Guides

Independent learning doesn't mean working in isolation. In fact, learning independently can actually facilitate natural collaboration and teamwork. Students might choose to work with peers, and they'll always have a member of Bancroft's exceptional faculty at their side. Our faculty members guide students as they learn more about themselves and the best approaches to new and interesting topics. Here's how we guide students in their journey:

·   Goal Setting: Before getting started, we work with students on setting concrete goals. What do they want to learn? What kinds of skills do they want to develop? We'll account for their strengths and weaknesses to help set goals that are realistic while still challenging.

·   Manage Time: We all struggle with time management every once in a while, and the flexible structure of independent learning can make managing time even more challenging. Our faculty works with students to create a realistic schedule with built in free time to pursue their passions.

·   Create Study Plans: Independent learning can still have structure. By developing a study plan, students ensure that they're meeting the goals they outlined in the first step. We encourage students to not only schedule when they'll study, but we also promote scheduling short breaks in between.

·   Self-Assessment: Teacher evaluation is critical to understanding how much progress a student has made, but their own assessment of their skills should never be discounted. At the end of a course or school year, a student might be asked to reflect on their journey. What did they learn? How many of their goals were accomplished? What can be improved upon for next time? A period of self-assessment can go a long way to overcoming future challenges and developing self-esteem.

Give Us a Call for More Information

If independent learning opportunities pique your interest, don't hesitate to speak with the Bancroft team. We're always glad to speak with prospective students and parents to discuss our innovative learning approaches. We understand that each student is unique, and a one-size-fits-all method always leaves someone out. With independent learning as a part of our curriculum, each student is sure to gain the knowledge and life skills they need. Schedule a campus visit or give us a call today.



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