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Get the Edge When Applying for College

The college application process can be confusing. Just a cursory look at any university or college admissions website, and you'll find multiple due dates and a plethora of information that can be difficult to navigate. Because the application process can be complicated, Bancroft strives to help our students succeed as they go through each step of the admissions process. We offer early college admissions counseling to our Worcester, MA students, no matter where they plan to attend. Our counselors have a complete understanding of the admissions process and ensure that each student feels supported as they narrow down their college options.

What Is Early College Admission?

Early college admission is a program many colleges and universities offer that allows high school seniors to be admitted before the normal deadline. These deadlines vary by college and university, but you can typically expect the early admissions date to fall somewhere at the beginning of October. Prospective students will usually receive a decision sometime in December.

Types of Early College Admission Plans

Not all early admissions programs are the same. In fact, as you apply for early admission, be sure to check what type of plan your college or university uses. This will be crucial in determining whether it's worth it to apply early. Be aware of the following college admissions:

·   Regular Decision: Students apply by the general deadline and receive a decision at the same time as everyone else.

·   Rolling Admission: Universities and colleges have no set deadline and review applications as they are submitted. Acceptances may be sent out at any time.

·   Early Action: Students apply by the early admissions deadline and receive a decision before those who chose regular decision. Early action, along with regular decision and rolling admission, is non-binding. This means students can apply to as many other universities as they wish.

·   Early Decision: Early decision is a binding commitment to a singular institution. If they are offered admission to that one university, they are obligated to enroll.

·   Restrictive Early Decision: While this type of early admission is non-binding, it may place restrictions on applying to any other institution for early admission.

The Benefits of Early Admission

Students who choose to apply for early admission enjoy a range of benefits. Bancroft's admissions counselors help students take advantage of all the following pros:

·   Shows the institution a high level of interest

·   Improved chances of acceptance

·   Reduced stress

·   Increased ability to enjoy senior year without worrying about admissions

·   Fewer applications and fewer fees

·   Time to regroup if you aren't accepted

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Why Is Counseling Helpful?

Many students try to take on the college admissions process alone. While it is possible, going it alone only makes the process more stressful and isolating. Fortunately, the counseling office at Bancroft offers early admissions college counseling to any student who wants it. Taking advantage of counseling services can help in numerous ways. Not only will students feel more supported on their journey, but they'll also benefit from:

·   A potential reference

·   Insider information on the college admissions process

·   Help to prepare for standardized tests

·   Less stress

·   Knowledge about specific scholarships

Explore Our Early College Admission Programs

Our early college admission programs at Bancroft are specially designed to ensure that each student has the best chance of success. We offer counseling to students attending our Upper School in grades 9 through 12. Planning for college doesn't have to be overly stressful, and students who work with one of our counselors often report less anxiety and more excitement for what's ahead. Expect the following from the Early College Admission Program:

·   Help to explore local and out-of-state colleges

·   Resume building

·   Explanations of the admissions process for specific schools

·   Help to decide among types of early admission

·   Support when making the final decision

·   Goal setting

·   Help to choose a major or course of study

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Early college admission is an excellent pathway to being accepted into your dream school. Whether you're planning on attending an in-state school or you want to travel across the country, the counseling team at Bancroft is here to make the process simpler. Contact us to learn more about this exciting program.



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Early College Admissions Counseling in Worcester, MA