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US Academic Support

Upper School Academic Support

All Bancroft students are supported by an advisor who provides general academic guidance and weekly check-ins. If additional academic support is needed, families may opt-in to receive additional formal tiered academic support from our qualified specialists.

Questions about our Academic Support program? Get in touch with our Admissions Team via email us at or call 508-462-9401. For more information about the program, we encourage you to submit an inquiry below.

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The Academic Support program is provided in the following tiers: 

  • Tier 1 provides basic structured study, reasonable accommodations provided by classroom faculty, and reinforcement of executive functioning strategies.

  • Tier 2 provides targeted strategic instruction based on the student's specific learning needs in the areas of executive functioning, reading comprehension, written language, study skills, and test-taking strategies.

  • Tier 3 Provides a comprehensive transitional program aligned with LBLD skills similar to our Hope Graham Program in grades 2-8. This intensive programming is designed specifically for students with diagnosed LBLD.

All three tiers are considered Fee-for-Service Academic Support Programming that includes:

  • Formalized documentation that identifies strengths and weaknesses as described by the student’s formal educational evaluation (neuropsychological evaluations and school-based evaluations are acceptable, provided they were administered within the last 18 months at initial entry, and at least every three years).
  • Ongoing programmatic consultation between Academic Support Faculty and the student’s classroom teachers.
  • Support with assistive technologies.
  • Ongoing communication with parents/guardians.
  • Coordination of in-class test-taking accommodations as well as an application for these accommodations to the College Board and ACT when appropriate.
  • Information on the cost of each tier can be found here.