Academic Support

A System For Success

Just like handwriting, the way in which students learn is uniquely their own. At Bancroft, academic support coordinators work with students both one-on-one or in small groups to help maximize their academic potential using programs designed specifically for them.  We identify each student’s strengths and challenges, and design strategies for success. Each division — Lower, Middle, and Upper School — offers a developmentally appropriate, coordinated, and proactive academic support program.

Academic Support Coordinators

Academic Support Coordinators work with students one-on-one or in small groups to maximize the academic and social potential of each student. Divisions cover a range of support needs including:

  • Executive functioning skills

  • Reading comprehension

  • Active reading

  • Math

  • Homework coaching

  • Test-taking instruction

  • Study and memory skills

  • Time management

  • Note-taking

Team-Based Assessments

Students receiving academic support services are carefully observed by a team that includes the Academic Support Coordinators, faculty, and administrators to provide direction and assessment. The team is in regular communication with the student’s classroom teachers and parents to detail progress and evaluation throughout the support experience.

Individual Learning Strategies

Each Bancroft division has seen remarkable improvements with learning strategies when students, Academic Support Coordinators, teachers, administrators, and parents come together to design and implement an action plan that best meets the needs of each individual learner. Through regular communication, documentation, and direct support, students work to understand their own unique learning style.