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Head of School's Welcome


Welcome to Bancroft! I’m delighted that you are exploring Bancroft School, a laboratory of active learning in the heart of Central Massachusetts.

Here, children from PreK through Grade 12 come to understand themselves not just as learners, but also as artists, musicians, actors, athletes, scientists, authors, mathematicians, makers, humanitarians, and leaders. 

Bancroft students are all kinds of smart. Our superb teachers and coaches take great care to foster confident, collaborative thinkers, and problem-solvers. They balance high expectations with reassuring support, inspiring each child to work hard, try harder, and blossom into their full potential.

As a Bancroft student, your child will have many opportunities to wonder, imagine, reflect, persevere, and triumph. They will find a diverse group of friends, teammates, allies, and mentors who have their back, and they will fill those roles for others. They will serve the community. And they will discover the world on a local and global level.

Bancroft students emerge fully prepared to succeed in college and beyond. With the superior foundation of a Bancroft education, your child will become a healthy, self-assured, and compassionate lifelong learner, teacher of others, and citizen of the world. That is our mission.


Stephanie Luebbers
Head of School

Meet our Faculty & Staff

Our teachers offer a hands-on approach to education that allows students to learn by doing. 

Lower School Faculty

Mission & History

Bancroft School empowers students to make a difference in their community and the world. 


Love What You

  • Learn

  • Play

  • Build

  • Create

  • Become

  • Do

Founded in 1900