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The Construction Process

BluePrint125 invites a dynamic process. Under the guidance of School leadership, cross-functional teams of school professionals, trustees, parents, students, alumni, and local community members will design and implement the work necessary to construct each Pillar.

Working with each team, the school will define and periodically publish:
  • Metrics for defining success;
  • Milestones on the critical path to success; and
  • Timelines for achieving milestones.
The teams will employ principles which encourage:
  • Stakeholder input;
  • Accountability;
  • Data-informed decision making;
  • Reflection; and
  • Revision.

Construction Timeline

  • Public plan
  • Form cross-functional team
  • Identify projects for early implementation
  • School reports on early phase projects and building block metrics, milestones, and timelines
  • Teams define and implement further phases on an ongoing basis
  • Teams reflect and revise
  • Bancroft celebrates 125th anniversary of innovative education